Is a Dodge Demon a Good Daily Driver?

A Dodge Demon, like this one, could be a daily driver if you

Many people drive supercars, muscle cars, classic cars and other hopelessly impractical machines every day. However, most of those vehicles don’t produce more than 800 horsepower. Still, Dodge built its Demon halo car on the relatively practical Challenger platform with amenities such as air conditioning. So, can you drive a Dodge Demon on a daily basis?

Can you drive a Dodge Demon on a daily basis?

Yes, you can drive a 2018 Dodge Demon on a daily basis. While the limited-release car was intended more as an over-the-top dragstrip weapon you can drive home, it does have everyday driving qualities. The Demon has airbags, air conditioning, electric windows, electric locks, an infotainment system and comfortable seats. Still, Dodge offered the Demon with just the driver’s seat installed to save weight, but offered to reinstall the other three seats for just $1.