I’ve found the best iPhone charger for cars – and there’s a desktop model too

I've found the best iPhone charger for cars - and there's a desktop model too

I’ve had every iPhone since the 2001 original, and since then, chargers have been a constant eyesore, especially in the car where the choice is usually a huge suction cup on the windshield that falls off if you hit a bump or a vent mount. that blocks the sky on a hot day and drops your phone when you hit a pothole. So you can trust me when I say that finding the perfect car charger earlier this year was a very lucky day for me.

The charger I bought was the ESR HaloLock, a vent but flexible enough not to block my air conditioning. And because it’s MagSafe, I don’t have to mess with wires anymore: I just keep the charger plugged in and simply attach my iPhone 13 Pro with a satisfying thump. The magnets are very strong which is handy as I do most of my driving in Glasgow where the potholes are more like sinkholes and every journey fills you with fear that your suspension will be shot by the time you reach the supermarket.

Unlike any other iPhone car charger I’ve ever owned, this one has never dropped or dropped my iPhone. It wasn’t cheap – I paid around £40 – but this is now my charger forever. So I’m excited to see that ESR is essentially bringing the same charger to my desk, where it can charge both iPhones and AirPods.

The car variant of the ESR HaloLock.

(Image credit: ESR)

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