Jewel and Train Reveal Best Memories of Their First Cars – Deltaplex News

Jewel and Train Reveal Best Memories of Their First Cars – Deltaplex News

It’s a special moment when you get the keys to your first car, which is why many people never forget the memory. That goes for both Jewel and Train front man Pat Monahanwho spoke openly about their first cars.

“I think my first vehicle was a 1978 Chevrolet Chevette,” revealed Pat in a pronunciation. “It was my mother’s car and she let me drive it. It was pretty sweet!”

He continued: “My fondest memory of that Chevette was that I was allowed to do it all by myself. I was a 16 year old kid and was able to drive around and pick up [my] friends in Erie, Pennsylvania was a pretty big deal. Can’t say I liked the actual vehicle the most, [but] the freedom of the vehicle was what I loved the most.”

As for Jewel, her first car was a little bigger than Pat’s Chevette. “My first car was a 1969 VW bus,” she revealed in a statement.

“It was my first real ride and it became my home too, so it was a pretty big deal,” she continued. “I was homeless then” [and] this van stood for safety and shelter.”

Jewel’s van was also responsible for starting her career, as she revealed, “I wrote a lot of songs in that van and it’s amazing to think that those songs became my first album. Those songs ended up being the whole trajectory of my life. changed.”

“I will always think of a lot of music when I think of” [that] of,” she added.

Jewel and Train’s memories are part of their partnership with Mercury Insurance for the “My First Car” series, which encourages artists to share their best memories of their first vehicle.

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