JLM Lubricants launches the best automatic transmission products

JLM Lubricants launches the best automatic transmission products

The global JLM Lubricants brand has expanded its list of trusted trading products to include two products designed to maintain the health of automated vehicles with the launch of an Automatic Transmission Flush and an Automatic Stop Leak and Conditioner. The company says this represents another move by the brand to design and supply standard workshop products that technicians can confidently select as part of vehicle service and maintenance. And it aligns with JLM’s branding strategy to provide products that tick the ‘Do not replace repair’ and ‘Products over parts’ boxes.

From JLM’s headquarters in Amsterdam, Gilbert Groot, CEO and founder, said: “Many distributors asked us to launch these products due to the growing demand from their trading customers. I am therefore delighted to bring to the market these two trading products that are the best of their kind in their category. Over the past decade, automatic transmission (AT) vehicles have grown in popularity, but the AT system requires proper maintenance. Ignore it and you can save years on the expected life of a vehicle.”

JLM’s Automatic Transmission Flush is the solution to poor shift quality that occurs when sludge and other contaminants get trapped in the narrow fluid passages in the valve body before entering the filter.

“Our product has no aggressive solvents, but removes dirt, varnish and wear deposits. It is also compatible with all AT fluids,” says Groot. “The net result is improved AT performance and longer life.”

The second product, Automatic Transmission Stop Leak & Conditioner conditions the seals and washers to stop and prevent leaks, extending the life of the transmission. The strong dispersants also prevent the formation of sludge.

Groot explained the need for this product: “Over time, AT fluid deteriorates, especially if the transmission becomes extremely hot, such as from towing or towing. This intense heat causes transmission fluid to oxidize or break down with the resulting formation of sludge that “The contaminated fluid cannot provide the proper frictional properties for transmission. Ignore this and the vehicle will begin to shift hard and erratically. The seals will also harden, leading to cracks and leaks.”

“These products are crucial as part of ongoing service and maintenance, as they keep vehicles on the road longer and in good condition, with lower fuel consumption also a key benefit. The professional technician plays a key role in informing customers about the importance of a healthy AT system. When they put their trust in JLM, they have the ultimate peace of mind that they are really choosing the best one,” concludes Groot.

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