Jurassic World Dominion Has The Franchise’s Best Dinosaur Chase Scene

Jurassic World Dominion had Owen on a bike evading dinos

In the Jura- Park series, one of the biggest staples was its signature car chase where people are chased by deadly creatures. Fans enjoyed the iconic jeep chases at locations A and B, as well as the T-Rex that swept through San Diego in The Lost World† These sequences added dynamism, suspense and action, which Jurassic World trilogy cleverly kept in play.

The new movies developed the idea with ATVs and the gyrospheres escaping from dinosaurs, as well as a volcanic eruption. This resulted in Netflix’s Camp Cretaceous actually use both concepts to bridge the gap for two generations. Now come Jurassic World Dominionthe franchise kinda technically turns it back on the road, but it still holds it high enough to chart the best dino chase ever.

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It happened in Jurassic World Dominion when Owen and Claire tried to track down the Lockwood clone and their adopted daughter Maisie. Using CIA contacts, they found out she was in Malta, along with Beta (Blue’s velociraptor baby) prepared to be sent to the sinister Biosyn for experiments by the returning Lewis Dodgson and the seedy Dr. wu. However, after Owen and Claire sneaked in, a brawl broke out, prompting the smuggler Santos to send trained Atrociraptors to hunt them.

The trio of hungry dinos broke up and chased Claire and Kayla in a jeep, which turned into a twisting, intense sequence. As the streets were narrow and filled with sharp turns as opposed to forests and trees, the claustrophobic terrain provided an energy found in car chases from the Bourne movies, Mission ImpossibleJames BondThe Italian joband of course the Fast & Furious flash.

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While most of the action scenes in Jurassic World Dominion were out of order, cameraman John Schwartzman delivered here, with tight editing and countless close calls that nearly had the jaws biting Claire, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats. It was the same for Owen, who broke up and used a motorcycle, ducking and dodging birds of prey down stairs, into traffic, and jumping off buildings, barely dodging their teeth. As the two sides tried to meet, one dino was grabbed by oncoming cars, while Claire used a metal beam in one alley to dry the clothesline and knocked out the other.

It came to a head when Claire and Kayla boarded a plane and took off, leaving the cargo door open. This invited Owen to show he could be a motocross stuntman as he accelerated and jumped in with a move that would take off the matrixTrinity’s pride after her highway chase. The icing on the cake came when the bike then fell on the bird of prey that came aboard and slammed it into the sea so the heroes could escape and go get Maisie. Ultimately, this delivered a nail-biting sequence that stood out in a film that needed more new adrenaline rushes than mundane innovations of the past, which unfortunately most of the Jurassic World Dominion did.

To see this epic chase, Jurassic World Dominion is now spinning in theaters.