Kia XCeed – Kia’s best-selling Ceed – FACELIFT preview with design sketch

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The Kia XCeed – Kia’s best-selling Ceed model in the UK – gets a facelift, preview with a new design sketch and debuts on July 18.

It’s been three years since the Kia XCeed arrived as a crossover version of Kia’s Ceed, and since then it has been the best-selling model in the Ceed model range in the UK.

Ahead of a facelift for the XCeed – which will debut on July 18 – Kia has decided to spark some interest by providing a design sketch (above) of the updated XCeed. While don’t expect the actual new XCeed to look as dynamic as the design sketch, do expect custom bumpers, lights and wheels.

In addition to building a bit of interest in the updated XCeed with a dynamic-looking design sketch, Kia also wants you to know that the updated XCeed will not only be a cosmetic tweak and enrichment, but also offer more under the hood.

That means no more pure ICE options, but a range of mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains, as well as updated safety, connectivity and infotainment technology. Kia also says the new XCeed will be offered in GT-Line trim for the first time, meaning “the adventurous design cues of a crossover with the sporty vibe of a focused European hatchback

The new Kia XCeed will debut on July 18, 2022.