Kyle Brandt unleashes hilarious rant about child car seats

Kyle Brandt unleashes hilarious rant about child car seats

Kyle Brandt doesn’t like installing car seats – not even a little bit.

The NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” crew proposed quirky events as the league replaces the Pro Bowl with a series of skill contests.

Speaking not only for every father, but for everyone who will someday become one, Brandt suggested a competition about who can install the best car seats.

“If you want to see me turn into a squeaky werewolf, the most angry I’ll ever get…” Brandt said, before explaining the event, sounding like a version of Chris Farley’s classic Matt Foley character from “Saturday Night Live.” .”

“You gotta put it in, and you got your knee down, and you PUSH, and then you go” DO NOT TALK TO ME, and then you have to CLOSE it. I took those things and threw them through the LaGuardia parking lot,” Brandt said, conjuring visions of an airport landing after midnight, after long delays, with tired and cranky young children in tow.

Kyle Brandt unleashed a fiery rant about installing car seats on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football.”
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“I want to see who has the patience, the agility, the strategy — it’s so hard, and your child’s safety is at risk, so the stakes are really high — and your wife just yells at you and says, ‘Have you do you want me to do it?’”

Asked if Brandt ever gave in and asked another man to install the car seat, Peter Schrager replied that he would pay another man to do it, and has made trips to the local fire station to get the job done.