“LaMelo Ball has the most beautiful car in the NBA!”: Hornet Star’s Ferrari goes through insane custom job and takes its flashiness to a new level

"LaMelo Ball has the most beautiful car in the NBA!": Hornet Star's Ferrari goes through insane custom job and takes its flashiness to a new level

LaMelo Ball and being flashy go hand in hand, and this even goes for accessories and cars.

LaMelo Ball has been pretty flashy for a while now.

Even during the ‘Ball in the Family’ TV era, the man was clearly the flashiest, from the hair on his head to the sneakers on his feet. And as you may have noticed, that didn’t stop at his signature line with Puma either.

The colorways are as bright as the lights on LaMelo have been since his Chino Hills days. The youngest Ball brother has certainly been Ball’s most successful and is a true entertainer.

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LaMelo’s persona and accessories never shy away from attention and have always been insanely stylish. And a recent addition to his car collection proves no different.

What’s special about LaMelo Ball’s new Ferrari?

Lamelo Ball’s Ferrari has a peculiar appearance. Ball had his Ferrari modified to have a Hologram skin. This means that the shine associated with a hologram covers the car and looks different from different angles.

Do not believe it? Have a look for yourself in the YouTube video below.

Ball’s car made headlines from the moment it was spotted by this fan. However, in an interview with Taylor Rooks where she says it could be “the best car in the NBA,” Ball downplays the suggestion, comparing the Ferrari to a Toyota. For Ball, it does the job and gets him where he needs to be.

If there was one measure of Ball’s success at a young age, it’s this one. To earn so much at 21 and have the ultimate dream car for half of the world’s youth and compare to a Toyota!

Does LaMelo Ball have an extensive car collection?

For someone who just needs cars to get the job done, LaMelo has a pretty chic car collection. Ball has a fleet that includes a Lamborghini Urus, a Ferrari F8 Tributo and a Rolls Royce Cullinan.

Between these three cars alone, the youngest of the Ball brothers has spent about $1.25 million. For a fourth-year NBA pro with Big Baller Brand and Puma sponsorship and signature shoes, that’s just a drop in the ocean.

With a car collection as chic as its game, Ball has definitely announced herself as a fashionista to watch out for in the competition. League passes MVP status should also be an honor in sight for the NBA All-star.

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