Lucid executive shares insight on the Air Pure and its sub-$90,000 price point

Lucid executive shares insight on the Air Pure and its sub-$90,000 price point

While Lucid Motors has been busy showcasing the best of its technology in flagship halo cars like the $250,000 Lucid Air Sapphire, the company is also focusing on its kind of “hero” car, the Lucid Air Pure. The Air Pure would enter the market as the fledgling automaker’s most affordable car.

What makes the Lucid Air Pure special is not his technology or achievement. Compared to its siblings in the Air line, the Pure is the most conservative. However, it has something of value that its siblings don’t have today: a starting price of less than $90,000.

Lucid, senior vice president of design and brand Derek Jenkins recently spoke with Automotive news to talk about the Lucid Air Pure. According to Jenkins, the Air Pure brings pride to the company’s design and engineering teams. This is because it is the most affordable Air, but it is not a bare-bones car at all.

“All the development from the high-end cars has trickled down to this car at a better entry-level price point, but still with some pretty remarkable specs,” Jenkins said, noting that’s why the Pure is considered the “hero of the group” .”

The Lucid Air Pure presents a notable challenge for the EV maker, especially since the company has so far only produced high-end cars that are more expensive. The company started with the limited Lucid Air Dream Edition last year, which started at a whopping $170,500, and it followed this up with the Lucid Air Grand Touring, which has a starting price of $155,650.

The Lucid Air Pure, as teased by the automaker, is painted in a new color called Fathom Blue, a steely hue that gives the premium sedan a fresh aesthetic. Jenkins admitted that some Lucid employees actually prefer the metal roof of the Air Pure to the glass roof of the previous variants, even though it reduces the perception of space in the cabin.

“The feedback has been quite remarkable,” the Lucid executive said.

Inside the Lucid Air Pure, the vehicle is equipped with an interior fabric made from recycled materials. Lucid also equipped the vehicle with a leather alternative material that can help the company save on production costs. That said, the Air Pure is still a base model, and some of the specs do reflect that.

While the Air Pure has an impressive range of 410 miles per charge of its 92-kWh battery pack, it falls short of the 516 miles offered by its more expensive sibling, the Lucid Air Grand Touring. This may not be much of a deal breaker for some customers, as the Air Pure also ultimately has more legroom in the back seat due to the lack of several battery modules.

The launch edition of the Lucid Air Pure won’t necessarily carry a sub-$90,000 price tag like it would equipped with optional features such as all-wheel drive, upgraded wheels and a better sound system, pushing the price of the Air Pure up to around $100,550. The *true* base version of the Air Pure, which will have a single motor in the rear, is said to start at $89,050, and is expected to go into production next year.

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Lucid executive shares insight on the Air Pure and its sub-$90,000 price point


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