Macan SUV is Porsche’s bestseller, soon to be joined by the all-electric version Porshe Macan Bev

Macan SUV is Porsche's bestseller, soon to be joined by the all-electric version Porshe Macan Bev
LOS ANGELES — Talk about timing things right. Almost 10 years ago, Porsche really had a sense of the future when it introduced the first Macan compact SUV. The original version debuted in 2013 as a 2014 model and it has become their best seller.

“We have a lot of people joining the brand for the first time. We have a much younger audience for Macan, we’re also seeing greater female ownership with Macan, which is really exciting for us,” said Shelby Akin, a spokesperson for Porsche Cars North America. America.

The second generation Macan keeps getting tweaks to keep things fresh. But the fun-to-drive factor remains. On the road, it’s easy to forget that there are a rear seat and a luggage compartment behind you.

One thing that can make a vehicle and remain popular is by offering many choices. The Porsche Macan offers plenty, with more to come.

Starting at just under $60,000, the base Macan is no slouch with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine propelling it along with 261 horsepower.

A new choice for the 2023 model year is the Macan T, with a slightly sportier flair than the base Macan, with the same four-cylinder engine but with improved suspension and driving dynamics.

Step up to the Macan S and you get a twin-turbocharged 375 horsepower V6 with a starting price of $70,000.

But the top dog in line is the Macan GTS. Its twin-turbo V6 now makes a screaming 434 horsepower to really move it on the road, especially a twisty road. However, it is not cheap. It has a starting price of over $80,000.

But it doesn’t stop there. Get ready for an all-electric Macan in just a few years, following an industry trend.

“A Macan BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) is coming. The Taycan’s been super successful for us, and after that electrification is just a very important strategy for Porsche,” confirmed Akin.

Don’t worry, purists. The battery-powered one will live alongside the others indefinitely.

“We don’t want people going to one thing. If you like a Macan, but still want a gas-powered car, you can still get it. Or if you want a battery-powered car, you can get that too.” said Akin.

Of course, luxury compact crossovers with good performance are now in abundance. But Porsche certainly had a bit of a vision nearly a decade ago.

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