Man finds black bear — in car

Man finds black bear -- in car

A Connecticut man is safe, but his mother-in-law’s car is destroyed after a unique collision with a bear over the weekend.

Cody Gillotti said he sensed something wasn’t right when his mother-in-law’s car lights were on and his truck door was wide open.

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“I was like, ‘Something isn’t right here,'” Gillotti said. “And my daughter’s car seat was on the floor next to it. And I thought that was very strange.”

So he went to investigate.

“I went down and saw fog all over the window and sure enough, there was a bear there,” said Gillotti.

Gillotti saw a black bear hanging in the front seat of his mother-in-law’s Subaru.

“Wow, I see bears all the time, but never in the car,” said Gillotti.

He called the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and said he loaded his 12-gauge shotgun with beanbags, tied a rope to the car’s door handle, and started pulling on it.

According to Gillotti, seeing the door move seemed to scare the bear. The bear ran away but left quite a bit of damage.

“It really scared the bear and the bear just exploded with energy and the door swung open,” Gillotti added. “I’m sure the Subaru is going to be toast. You cannot turn off the vehicle without disconnecting the battery. You take the key out, (but the) lights still come on. The interior has been completely destroyed.”


The back seat of Gillotti’s truck was also damaged.

DEEP says spring is a busy time for black bears as they come out of hibernation.

The agency said to stay safe, never feed bears, remove bird feeders in late March and wait until late fall to put them back on, store trash in secure containers and keep grills clean and store them in a garage or shed.

Wildlife experts say if you see a bear, don’t approach the animal, but call authorities to report the sighting.

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