Man stuck on car during Seoul flood becomes meme in South Korea

Man stuck on car during Seoul flood becomes meme in South Korea

After the devastating rains in Seoul that left at least eight people dead and seven others missing, a man photographed on top of his car has become a meme in South Korea.

The original photo shows a car stranded half underwater in the middle of the road with the driver sitting on top of the vehicle looking at his phone. Internet users in South Korea edited the image and created several memes imitating advertisements and movie posters.

One example shared in a TikTok video compilation of the memes resembles a Genesis G90 ad, while another shows a helicopter flying above the man’s vehicle as if he were the target of a dramatic rescue operation.

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Several edited images of the man and his vehicle mimicked movie posters, with one advertising a fake movie called “Gangnam Station” and another called “Declaration of Emergency”.

The last image of the video shows the alleged lifelike photo the man himself took while sitting on top of his car.

Seoul was hit by a devastating historical rainfall on Monday, at least eight people were killed and seven others were missing. Videos and photos showed civilians wading through thigh-high water and cars half submerged. A cascade of water gushed past subway stations and the impact of the waterfall damaged about 800 buildings in Seoul and nearby cities, forcing about 790 people to be evacuated from their homes.

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The video has racked up more than 210,000 likes and 1.1 million views since it was uploaded on Tuesday.

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