Mansory’s Ferrari F8XX Spider is crazier than the hardtop

Green Mansory F8XX Spider

Kourosh Mansory, the founder and owner of Mansory Modification House has always had a soft spot for sports cars. He spent much of his career in England, devoting himself to various automotive traditions, engineering technology and craftsmanship. The company was founded in 1989 and started working on Aston Martins, Rolls Royces, Bentleys and Ferraris. The company moved from Munich to the Fichtel Mountains.

At the new location in Brand, the talented team of high-end tuning is found that turns high-performance cars into wilder machines. After the takeover of Porsche-Tuning from the Swiss Rinspeed AG at the end of 2007, Mansory further expanded its product portfolio. The company’s goal has always been to develop and sell a tuning and accessories program for Porsche, Ranger Rover and BMW.

Mansory’s levels of technical precision, quality and craftsmanship are some of the brand’s strengths. Combined with aerodynamic programs, engine performance upgrades and ultra-lightweight aluminum wheels, the Mansory custom cars are the stuff of dreams. With top quality accessories and fashionable interior trim, these cars are no match for standard supercars, SUVs and luxury cars.

Customers can have their cars ordered with lavish interiors in bright or elegant colors, depending on their preference. These interiors can be flashy but also provide the best comfort. Mansory has sales partners all over the world, through selected dealers. Mansory’s F8XX Spider is based on the Ferrari F8 Tributo, but it started with the coupe.

So while we have two new super sports cars based on the beautiful Ferrariit’s the latest Spider that we’re currently focusing on.

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Mansory F8XX looks crazy as an open top

The Mansory F8XX looks menacing and clearly reflects high performance intentions, but the F8XX Spider looks much cooler and with its lightweight construction it is made to meet customer expectations of a Mansory product.

When Mansory converts a normal-looking car into something he knows will hit the right note, it’s bound to blow the minds of those who look at it — and it’s not just the looks; these cars are tuned to deliver extraordinary performance, and they could have been better, because with the way these things look, you’d expect screaming exhausts and breakneck acceleration.

While the coupé is finished in Catania Green and gets gold stripes, the F8XX Tributo Spider shows off its beautiful British Racing Green satin hue with racing yellow stripes making the green stand out. The side profile gets the same huge ‘F8XX’ lettering from the coupe, and the forged YT.5 Air wheels look spectacular, with 21-inchers at the front and 22-inchers at the rear.

There are countless details on the F8XX Tributo Spider that have been hand crafted with great care to meet the highest possible standards – and this eventually pays off once the car is ready to present itself to the onlooker. To some, the F8XX Tributo Spider may seem a bit too extreme, but let’s face it: that’s what all these Mansory-tuned cars are about – and for those who can see the beauty, it instantly becomes art.

A lot goes into making its lightweight body components made from forged carbon, black forged wheels and multiple cockpit modifications, using the finest leather. Mansory has manufactured Ferrari’s aerodynamic components without any modification and made exclusively from ultra-light material carbon, or ‘forged carbon’.

The front apron, side skirts and rear apron all add to the aggressive look while meeting the aerodynamic requirements, but it’s the rear wings on either side, which look like an ‘L’, that add even more drama. We can’t think of a “normal-looking” supercar with alien styling like this. Mansory certainly knows how to light a fire among its customers.

An equally bizarre finish for the Mansory F8XX Spider

The cockpit of the Mansory F8XX Spider has not been spared either. The interior specialists have certainly created a great atmosphere, but one that combines design and comfort, without forgetting functionality. The interior colors are unique to the F8XX Spider and every effort has been made to match the exterior paintwork.

The steering wheel, seats, dashboard and seat belts are in a combination of British Racing Green and yellow racing stripes. The colors may seem a little too shocking at first, but for someone who often buys Mansory tuned cars, and for that one car enthusiast who’s always dreamed of them, it’s a bull’s eye. There are parts inside that are accented with carbon, lots of Mansory logos and Mansory floor mats.

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More power for the Mansory F8XX Spider

Mansory has managed to extract more power for the Spider and Coupé than the stock Ferrari F8 Tributo. So the mid-engined V8 now makes 880 horsepower and 722 lb-ft of torque, compared to the stock Ferrari’s 720 horsepower and 567 lb-ft of torque.

Major changes have been made to the engine management and exhaust system. However, the handling and responsiveness of the standard 3.9-litre engine are unaffected. The F8XX Spider sprints from 0-100 km/h in less than 3 seconds and reaches a top speed of 354 km/h.

Mansory F8XX Spider makes the F8 Tributo look boring

This is one of those cars made for the man who not only wants to look cool in his supercar, but also show the world what wealth he is blessed with. A wealthy car enthusiast buys a Ferrari, but when that wealthy enthusiast has had enough of normality, he will buy one!

Source: Mansory