Mattia Binotto not responsible for Ferrari’s blunders in F1 season 2022, claims former driver

F1 Grand Prix of France - Final Practice

Contrary to popular belief, former F1 driver Jan Lammers believes Ferrari could have done very little to keep Max Verstappen at a distance during the 2022 French Grand Prix last weekend, purely on the basis of pace and strategy. He insists Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto is not fully responsible for the team’s consistent mistakes in strategy and mismanagement, insisting that Red Bull simply has a better package.

As reported by GPbloglammers said:

“I would keep him for a while. They just have the best car and the best team. They just don’t score when they get the chance. And then I think, ‘When do you want to score?’”

Polesitter Charles Leclerc took a comfortable lead at the start of the race but lost it to the Dutchman after crashing into the guardrails on lap 18. After inheriting the lead, Verstappen drove a fairly solitary race to secure his seventh win of the season.

Binotto later commented on the incident, insisting that the Ferrari driver should not be blamed for the same. He said:

“I think it’s a bit of an unfair judgement. He was definitely on the limit. Things can happen when you drive to the limit. Why it happened, we’ll see if there’s anything else. We are taking the time to discuss and judge with him, but right now there is no reason to blame him.”

Red Bull boss defends Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc after crash in French GP

Unlike last season, the two championship contenders for the 2022 title seem to share a lot of mutual respect, as Christian Horner’s comments recently showed about Charles Leclerc’s crash at the French GP.

Speak with air sports, the Briton admitted that Leclerc was a talented driver, who should not necessarily have a reputation for being a ‘crasher’. horner said:

“heye is a very strong driver. These two guys push each other so hard and these cars are right on the edge in these conditions. His bad luck was our luck and it iss fluctuated over the year.

With currently 82 points between Red Bull and Ferrari in the Constructors’ standings, it will be interesting not only to see if the Scuderia can close the gap, but also if Mercedes can overtake the Italian team in the Constructors’ Championship.

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