Meet the Baja Miata, equipped to take on everything the desert has to offer

Top Gear Baja Miata desert racer, front quarter view in desert

The Mazda Miata/MX-5 is one of the most beautiful roadsters ever made.

It’s proven itself to be a great driver’s car with plenty of punch, and decades after its debut it’s still doing well – but just how versatile is the car?

well, on Top Gear’s YouTube Channel through their American Tuned series, the team has taken a look at a Baja Miata desert racer.

This is a classic sports car, the Mazda MX-5 on 27-inch Knobbly tires that is ready to take on anything the desert throws at it.

A custom Mazda MX-5 Miata made for desert running

Show host Rob Dahm says the Miata is always the answer, as it’s a lightweight, short-wheelbase and fun little sports car — but off-road driving isn’t something you’d normally associate with the Miata.

The car belongs to writer and adventurer Emme Hall, just the kind of person who would own such a crazy car.

She likes Miatas, but also desert racing, and she’s a bit of a Volkswagen nerd too, so likes little Beetle class 11 racers too, hence the inspiration for the Miata.

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Meet the modified Mazda Miata Racer

What exactly did Hall do to the car? First, there is the front skid plate, which covers the engine and provides excellent protection to the body.

Then, of course, there are the gigantic 27-inch tires, which look insane.

Hall has also fitted dust lights so those behind you can see the Miata in front of them – amazingly, Hall not only has this Miata, she also has a 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata with the factory turbo, pushing out about 7 pounds of weight. stimulate.

Pretty impressive, and all Hall has really done is upgrade the brakes a bit and replace the tires, plus added a roll bar.

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Throwing around the Desert Racer Miata

Hall then takes Dahm to the desert Miata to show him what it can really do.

Because the tires rub a little, and she doesn’t quite have the travel, it gets a little bumpy in the Miata if it hits a few bumps if you don’t slow down.

It’s pretty hilarious to watch the Miata bounce around; the car, named Buddy, can’t quite rock crawl, but it sure puts on a good show when you get up the hills – impressive stuff.

It certainly helps that it is quite lightweight.

Overall this is a very cool build and one of the most enjoyable and fun off road cars we have ever seen.

Source: Top Gear YouTube Channel