Mississippi Prep Athletes Honor Coach Who Died in Car Accident

Mississippi Prep Athletes Honor Coach Who Died in Car Accident

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) – Mississippi Prep athletes gathered with family, friends and the community to remember AJ Rapp, a special piece for the family.

“He wasn’t my cousin by blood, but he was my cousin. He was family,” said Jermaine Alexander.

“He was slow to aggression. He was just the perfect kid,” said Lashunda Mitchell.

AJ was the linebacker coach for the Hurricanes and to the people who knew him best, he was special.

“Ambitious, talkative and loving,” said Mitchell. “He was the most humble man I’ve ever seen. He was the hardest-working man I’ve ever seen.”

AJ became a linebacker coach for the Mississippi Hurricanes at age 20. During his life he went through several trials.

“His first college was Rockford in Chicago. He went there and didn’t stay long,” Mitchell said. “He got COVID and didn’t want to stay long and came right back. Then he went to Florida to prep school. The first game broke his foot and came right back.”

But that didn’t stop AJ.

“His one plan didn’t work, he had another plan,” Mitchell said. “He says, ‘Mommy, I want to do this. Mom, I’m going to do this, Mommy I’m going to do this.’ He always had a plan.”

One of those plans led him to coach a junior basketball team, become a linebacker coach, and touch lives along the way.

“I realize he went everywhere to touch people. He was doing God’s work,” Mitchell said.

“He was a great man, especially to the kids. We put this season ahead of him,” said Ishmel Morrow.

Whether he was AJ the hairdresser, the coach or the son, the Mississippi Prep Hurricane community will always know him as AJ the Helper.

“I just hope his legacy lives on with all the kids he’s worked with and that we love AJ Rapp,” Mitchell said.

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