Motorway’s new TV ad campaign is calculated to deliver the best cars to dealers – Car Dealer Magazine

Motorway new TV ad dealer image

Used Car Marketplace Motorway has launched a new TV ad campaign in which car dealers compete to get the best price on people’s cars by dancing on life-sized calculators.

The ad opens to a family in their living room, with the kids playing on a dance mat in front of the TV.

Their mother, sitting behind them, uses her phone to sell her car on Motorway – which has a network of more than 5,000 dealers – and is immediately transported to a huge, imaginary dance arena.

Missy Elliott’s iconic dance number Lose Control gradually gets louder as car dealers take the stage to compete in a circular dance-off on giant calculators around the car.

One by one, the dealers make their highest bids, and the winning dealer with the best price makes his way to win the vehicle and raises his arms in the air to celebrate.

The film then takes the viewer back to the living room, where the mother effortlessly announces that she ‘just sold the car’, while the children celebrate in unison.

It ends with the slogan ‘Motorway, the way to sell your car’.


Lloyd Page, Motorway Chief Marketing Officer, said: “Our unique online dealer marketplace offering has grown faster than ever over the past 12 months, with a record number of dealers now using Motorway and inventory reaching up to 1,000 cars per day.

“With this new campaign, we wanted to focus on explaining how Motorway delivers such great results for car salespeople, while highlighting the car dealerships that are the backbone of our business.

“We are confident that this new campaign will increase awareness and ultimately bring more of the best privately owned cars for our dealers to buy at a great price.

‘The fun and exciting concept really brings the highway to life.’

In addition to the new TV ad launching today (August 19), the campaign also includes national radio, social media and outdoor advertising.