Motus Sport & Spine Chiropractic: The Best Bonney Lake Chiropractor for Car Accident Treatment

Motus Sport & Spine Chiropractic: The Best Bonney Lake Chiropractor for Car Accident Treatment

Bonney Lake, WA – Cars are a prized possession that offers convenience, comfort and a sense of freedom on the open road. However, car accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries in the United States, and many of these injuries can lead to long-term pain and suffering. People who have been in a car accident should seek the best care to ensure a full and speedy recovery. Motus Sport & Spine Chiropractic is a renowned chiropractic practice that has served the Bonney Lake community for many years. The clinic uses a unique hybrid approach to care that combines the best of sports medicine and chiropractic care. Their Car Accident Injury Treatment healthcare providers focus on movement quality and biomechanics to help their patients heal quickly and completely.

“We know how traumatic a car accident can be,” said Dr. Andrew Newman, “and we are committed to helping our patients heal both physically and emotionally.”

The abrupt changes in movement during a car accident can cause serious injuries, even if the impact was minor. Whiplash is a common neck injury when the head is suddenly pulled forward or back. This can damage the ligaments, muscles, and discs in the neck. In addition to whiplash, other common car accidents include back pain, arm pain, and shoulder pain. Motus Sport & Spine Chiropractic has a highly skilled team with the experience and training to properly diagnose and help patients rehabilitate from all types of car accident injuries. From Neck and Back Pain Adjustments to functional rehabilitation, they will develop a personalized treatment plan to help their clients recover and return to normal activities as quickly as possible.

Alignment problems can often cause knee, hip, or shoulder pain. Motus Sport & Spine Chiropractic will perform a thorough biomechanical assessment to identify any areas of dysfunction. This information is used to tailor a treatment and rehabilitation plan. The clinic aims to help patients move better, reduce pain and prevent future injuries. Some of their assessments include orthopedic tests, functional motion screens, and neurological tests. These tests help identify imbalances, weaknesses, and areas of tightness that may be contributing to pain or limitation of movement.

To achieve peak performance, athletes must undergo rigorous training to keep their bodies in peak condition. Unfortunately, injuries are common in sports and are often on the side of athletes. Motus Sport & Spine Chiropractic specializes in performance care to help athletes train smarter and stay injury free. The clinic’s strength, flexibility and conditioning programs are designed to enhance an athlete’s performance.

Motus Sport & Spine Chiropractic can be reached at 18275 SR-410 E, Suite 101, Bonney Lake, WA, 98391, USA. Clients may also contact the chiropractic clinic at (253) 948-2757. There is also more information on the company’s website.

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