Move over tanks, now Company of Heroes 3 salvage vehicle is my best friend

Move over tanks, now Company of Heroes 3 salvage vehicle is my best friend

Company of Heroes 3 (opens in new tab) has some creaky tanks. They come in many different flavors, from cuddly little things to huge rumbling fortresses, and I love them all. The North African Operation (opens in new tab), the second campaign of the WW2 RTS, really makes them shine, gives them wide open spaces and encourages tank battle after tank battle. They are powerful war machines that are a hoot to control, as well as to stare at as Relic has showered them with so many tiny details. But after playing the first mission of the operation, tanks have been knocked off the top spot. Now the humble recovery vehicle is my best friend.

Given the heavily mechanized reliance on Deutsche Afrika Korps vehicles, repairs are usually required after each confrontation with the enemy. Fortunately, all DAK infantry, not just engineers, can make field repairs, albeit quite slowly. Those longer repair times can leave you vulnerable, though, so if you’ve got a big job on hand, you’ll need to load up the recovery truck—in the case of the DAK, the Famo half-track.

(Image credit: Sega)

The Famo isn’t armed, so you’ll want to keep it quite far from the fighting, but once the smoke clears, you’ll want to bring it in to perform its wonders. The vehicle he is attaching is hooked onto his winch and then the team gets to work. While quickly repairing a damaged vehicle is a very useful skill, Company of Heroes 3’s recovery vehicles are a little more impressive than that. They can also repair wrecked vehicles – vehicles that have been completely decommissioned.