Need For Speed ​​Payback Best Drift Cars Ranked

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Drifting can be difficult no matter what the game is, and the more realistic the game, the harder it can be for players. This has led to this kind of racing being done by certain players, those who can drive quite well and understand how a car works. However, there are many games that make it easy and teach players the best way to do it, and one of those games is Need for speed: payback time. While the Need for speed games have come a long way from a typical racer, the later games encourage players to race in different ways.

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The games are great for all types of players, for example if players like open world racing games they will find a home in this series, and if they like typical street racing, Need for speed games offer that too. This list will help players find out what the best drift cars are in Need for speed: payback time. But what players should note is that it’s one thing to have a good drift car, it’s another to know how to drift in it. If they can learn how to drive that way, drifting becomes easy and the car feels better.


5 Nissan 350z

This little beast is a great car for players to start drifting as it is easy to handle and gets the job done. It also highlights why Need for speed: payback time is a great street racer because the 305z can speed through town with ease, allowing players to enjoy the game’s high octane rating. What makes it a great drift car is how agile it can be on the track, and ever since Need for speed games outside Need for speed: payback time have tracks that are very windy, the 305z can make riding super easy.

The best part is how easy the car is to learn which makes drifting easy to understand. Once players get the flow of drifts, racing in general becomes easy, and the 350z allows for just that. Plus, the best part is that without upgrades, drifting is much smoother, but when players upgrade the 305z, drifting becomes very easy.

4 Nissan Silva

The Nissan cars in total Need for speed games are very versatile, which is why most automaker fans have at least 3 in their garage. The reason for this is that they are good for many aspects of racing and are highly customizable, so they are good cars for any player. The Nissan Silva is a good proof of that, while the 305z is a good all round car, the Silva is built to drift and behaves the same as in Need for speed: heat.

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As soon as players get in the car and drive it, they feel how responsive it is compared to the 350z, and for drifting, that’s very important. Good road holding also generally helps a lot, as players can recover and getting out or drifting is quite easy with the Nissan Silva. Like the 305z, the Silva is highly customizable, and it gets better for players the more they upgrade.

3 Ford Mustang Daraltic

Even though the Need for speed games have been everywhere, Need for speed: payback time somewhat grounds the franchise by focusing on racing, rather than other things the other game in the series focuses on. This muscle car is a great example of that, as it highlights many of the great aspects of Need For Speed: Payback, including drifting. Muscle cars in the game are hit or miss or are limited to certain races as they are not the best in many applications.

However, they are great for drifting, and this Ford Mustang is a prime example of that. Since it is a heavier car, the player can drift easily, but they have to be careful about recovering the drift with this car because the driving behavior is quite sensitive, so players have to be careful at that time. But overall, once players learn and understand how drifting works, they should use this Ford Mustang as it will reward them.

2 Lamborghini Huracana

This is one car that many players wouldn’t think twice about before using it because while players may think it was built just for speed, they realize how versatile it can be over time. Thanks to the very high degree that Need for speed: payback time gives players in the field of customization, advocates the Huracan. Being a supercar, everything is quite sensitive, from the brakes to acceleration, everything has to react on a dime for players.

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This may lead to them not trying to drift, but the hypersensitivity makes things better even without upgrading the car. For example, one of the best ways to initiate a drift is by hand braking, as it is super sensitive on the Huracan, players can smoothly enter a drift and control it with ease as the car drives excellent out of the box. Therefore, players can drift aggressively with the Huracan, knowing that they have better control over the drift than other cars on this list. Which in turn makes drifting as a whole quite fun to do.

1 BMW M5

This BMW is a super versatile car, which means it’s great for many types of driving, provided players have built it for a specific racing style. If players lean on the drifting build for the M5, they will have a lot of fun with that. The M5 is a perfectly formed box-like car, so it can drive and steer very well. However, if players want to upgrade the car, they should focus primarily on handling. While that’s nothing short of great, it’s still too stiff to drift, and players will realize how important that becomes the more they drift.

By loosening the controls, players can drift easily and get more points that way. In addition, unless players want to, players can upgrade a lot of other things about the car to make drifting even easier. That said, outside of the controls, players won’t have much of a problem as the M5 makes things super easy for players once they buy it.

Need for speed: payback time is now available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC.

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