New Yorkers encouraged to use public transportation on this World Car Free Day

New Yorkers encouraged to use public transportation on this World Car Free Day

NEW YORK — It’s World Car Free Day, where drivers are encouraged to give up their car for a day.

Transport officials say it’s a good idea, especially because it’s a gridlock alert day.

City leaders and the MTA are asking all New Yorkers to keep their vehicles at home and drive on the rails instead.

The aim is to reduce traffic congestion, reduce energy consumption and purify the air.

The push also coincides with Climate Week. Both New York and New Jersey governors still disagree on congestion prices, but they seemed united on Wednesday in their commitment to combat climate change.

“There is an urgency that we all need to feel in our hearts,” Governor Kathy Hochul said.

It also falls on a Gridlock Alert Day, which means delays, road closures and temporary frozen zones as the United Nations General Assembly meets in Manhattan.

“It took us two hours to get from Nassau County to 53rd Street and Madison. It’s crazy,” said Uniondale resident Celly Melendez.

Police say the most affected area is 42nd Street to 57th Street and First Avenue to Fifth Avenue.

DOT traffic data shows that the average vehicle speed in Midtown is usually between six and seven miles per hour. This week they are less than five miles per hour – the slowest of the year.

“So crazy. I’m so tired of going back and forth and not finding my way,” said a driver named Carlos.

The city may want you to leave your car at home, but alternative parking on the side remains in effect. A ticket for not moving your car costs $65.