NovaCHARGE goes international with its best-in-class electric vehicle (EV) hardware and cloud networking solutions

NovaCHARGE goes international with its best-in-class electric vehicle (EV) hardware and cloud networking solutions

Amazing 2,000% growth of EVs in Costa Rica identifies exceptional opportunities for new EV partnership

ORLANDO, Fla.June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NovaCHARGE, a recognized leader in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), today announced that its state-of-the-art charging equipment and best-in-class interconnected cloud-based software, ChargeUP, will now be available in Costa Rica from a new strategic partner, Costa Rica Solar Solutions.

NovaCHARGE, located in Orlando, Floridaalready has thousands of successful implementations left the United States† Be located in Costa Rica will be the first step in a long-term strategy of internationalization of the company.

Costa Rica has been prioritizing green energy and sustainability for years, as well as a National Decarbonization Plan. It has already built a nationwide electric charging network of more than 140 places where the public can charge its EV. In 2010 Costa Rica had only 247 vehicles classified as electric. Projections for 2022 predict that this will have grown to 5,266 vehicles, including cars, motorcycles and specialist vehicles, or an increase of more than 2,000%.

This international expansion for NovaCHARGE means a wide variety of businesses and organizations can use the next generation NC8000 Level 2 charging port hardware and simplify their management with the ChargeUP network. Whether it’s a handful of charging ports or 100, ChargeUP provides an online management dashboard for remote management, efficient charge management, robust reporting and unparalleled scalability.

Scott BensonCEO and President of Costa Rica Solar Solutions, offers: “As one of the longest-established solar and energy storage providers in Costa Ricawe are excited to partner with NovaCHARGE to provide a new solution for charging electric vehicles in Costa Rica† With our strong presence across Costa Rica and our growth in other Central American countries, we look forward to leading the way with NovaCHARGE towards an EV-centric future.”

Oscar RodriguezChairman and CEO of NovaCHARGE, emphasizes: “Electric car sales are already booming Costa Rica and we will be perfectly placed to help accelerate EV infrastructure adoption across the country. We are honored to leverage our extensive experience in the US electric vehicle charging market and offer a best-in-class hardware and software portfolio to assist Costa Rica better achieve its objectives of decarbonising transport. Our commitment to open standards in the EV charging industry brings flexible business models for retail, workplace, MDU (Multiple Dwelling Unit) and fleet operators, while delivering reliable and sustainable EV infrastructure that delivers higher ROI.

About NovaCHARGE, Inc.:

Founded in 2008, NovaCHARGE, Inc. is a nationally recognized technology manufacturer and turnkey systems integrator of electric vehicle (EV) hardware and cloud software. NovaCHARGE offers innovative EV charging solutions and features open standards, both in the next-generation ChargeUP Network and in the NC7000 and NC8000 Level 2 hardware lines. As a leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions, NovaCHARGE has designed successful implementations for thousands of companies worldwide the United States† NovaCHARGE is headquartered in Orlando, Florida† ChargeUP is a trademark of NovaCHARGE, Inc. For more information, visit:

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