Photo shows Casper police car parked on top of a rock in Eastridge Mall

Photo shows Casper police car parked on top of a rock in Eastridge Mall

We’ve all been in a hurry. Whether we’re late for work, have a meeting, or the Taco Bell we had for lunch disagrees with us; we’ve all had reason to drive fast and park fast.

Police officers have even more reason than the rest of us to be in a hurry – they are literally saving lives. Every second counts and that’s why they sometimes don’t have the extra time to park directly within the lines of a parking lot.

Such was the case Monday night in Eastridge Mall, when a Casper resident photographed a patrol car that was rather… unique, atop a huge rock.

Casper resident Stephanie Herdt was doing her own business in the Eastridge Mall parking lot when suddenly a patrol car pulled into the parking lot, so fast the driver didn’t even notice the huge boulder lying on top of a boulder.

Herdt said she was at the Gamestop location next to the mall when the patrol car appeared.

Photo credit: Stephanie Herdt

Photo credit: Stephanie Herdt

“The car was on the rock,” Herdt told K2 Radio News. “They tried to push it off the rock and they pushed the gas and the steering wheel and it just made it funnier. I don’t think they really did anything other than talk to people in a car next to them that she was going to pull out but went upwards [instead].”

Listen, accidents happen. Police officers have a lot on their mind. Sometimes they are in a hurry. And, most importantly, police officers are people. We all make mistakes. We all drive a little recklessly. This isn’t a big deal (although the photo has been shared more than 80 times at the time of writing), but it does serve that all of us, including the police, should pay attention at all times when we’re behind the wheel of a car.

K2 Radio News has contacted the Casper Police Department about this incident and will update this article with a response if we receive one.

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