Podcast: The top 10 cars from Formula 1’s V10 era

Podcast: The top 10 cars from Formula 1's V10 era

Our classic Formula 1 story podcast, Bring Back V10s, is always full of passionate discussions, and the series six finale is one big one.

Glenn Freeman, Edd Straw, Ben Anderson and Matt Beer try to rank the 10 best cars from F1’s V10 era, which ran from 1989 to 2005.

It’s an era that started with the carryover of McLaren dominance from the turbo years, before Williams set a new technological bar to ban most of its genius.

That marked the beginning of the brief stint between Benetton and Williams, before the rise of the McLaren-Ferrari rivalry that ended with a crushing run of Michael Schumacher/Ferrari titles that were eventually halted by the Renault team in the final V10 season. that Benetton had become.

But which of the 17 V10 title-winning cars was actually the best, and which owed more to the skill of their drivers and their team’s team? Listen below to get our panel’s opinion.

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