PUBG: TOP 5 Best Vehicle Skins

PUBG: TOP 5 Best Vehicle Skins

We should put down the guns and pause for a minute to be in the astonishment of all the fantastic (and quirky) vehicle skins in PUBG. Can we be real for a second, in case you’re not spending your money on the most recent person skins in PUBG, it’s probably these really cool vehicle skins. All things considered, PUBG is a rare example of where you can own a Tesla, a McLaren and, surprisingly, a Maserati. Currently, you can say you’ve driven one, but in an automated universe.

Be that as it may, what are the coolest vehicle skins and joint efforts ever? A few vehicles and bikes are definitely worth focusing on over others, so if you’re still not convinced to spend your money in PUBG, here are skins that will make them wish you did.

5. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Credit-The Gamer

This vehicle looks stunning both in-game and face-to-face, especially in the variety of amazing gold. This review wouldn’t be complete without a Lambo, and luckily for you, Lamborghini and PUBG teamed up. It’s just a one-two punch that the Aventador line is being suspended by the leading automaker and the opportunity to buy this vehicle is essentially over.

In any case, it’s perfect to see a remarkable vehicle come into play. You can finally live out your Batman dreams by riding this vehicle, and if you don’t have it in the dark, the idea counts.

4. Lamborghini Centennial

Credit-The Gamer

If you don’t like the minimal outline of the Aventador, then you’ll be more into the Centenario at that point. What makes this vehicle stylishly special from the latter is that it has a superior looking final section, as it has a cool looking balance, and it certainly looks more modern compared to the Aventador.

In reality, it is much faster compared to its ancestor. Doesn’t actually do much in-game as it will most likely be as fast as a skinless vehicle, but it will have some amazing flex to drive past different groups with this vehicle. You probably won’t dominate the competition, but you will certainly get props for the most attractive vehicle.

3. Aston Martin DBS

Credit-The Gamer

Although selective in China, this exemplary Aston Martin DBS is essentially a fantasy ride. This English brand places a high value on speed and comfort when driving, although that’s probably not your primary concern while you’re being chased by groups of individuals firing at your head or your vehicle.

It looks particularly rich in gold, but it also comes in different variants that look just as good. It’s sad that one of the most incredible looking vehicles has to be confined by borders, but perhaps future collaborations for the global audience are long overdue.

2.Koenigsegg Jesko

Credit-The Gamer

With these beautiful rides in PUBG, if you are not an expert player, you would be confused if you assume that this is the new Black-top Legends or an FPS game. Somehow, assuming you and your companions are essentially exhausted and have to race around the guide instead of shooting each other, this vehicle makes your ride look like a race vehicle.

In fact, being the most expensive vehicle on the list, it certainly helps the taste (and speed, for what it’s worth telling the truth, the fastest of these vehicles).

In fact, lately it has changed into a pattern to just start riding and running around PUBG instead of just shooting each other.

1. Dragon Flame Roar Buggy

Credit-The Gamer

If the Koenigsegg didn’t make it to number one, you were probably considering what it would be. The answer is the Mythical Beast Dragon Flame Roar Buggy, selected for Chinese players.

Despite not having the distinction that the other vehicles and bikes in this game have, it certainly looks like something out of a sci-fi movie with its flaming ornaments bursting out a spoiler.

Overall, it seems to be a ride you won’t see anywhere else but PUBG, which is why it’s number one on this roundup.

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