Racing fans have decided which is the best video game car

suzuki pikes peak escudo gran turismo

Time Extend, a podcast aimed entirely at racing game fans, held a bracket-style tournament vote on what the best video game car ever is, and it was a fierce battle.

Vehicles from the likes of Wipeout HD, Flatout 2, Ridge Racer 7, Burnout, Crazy Raxi, Mario Kart DS, Halo, Rocket League, Sega Rally and GTA 5 were all in the race.

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In the end, the Hornet from Daytona USA took on the Feisar from Wipeout HD on one side of the semi-final, while the Escudo Pikes Peak from Gran Turismo took on Castrol Tom’s Supra in the other semi-final.

Gran Turismo’s Escudo Pikes Peak beat the Supra to reach the final, while the Hornet from Sega’s classic Daytona USA beat it in the final of Wipeout HD’s Feisar.


In the end, the legendary Escudo won Pikes Peak and raced ahead with the votes against the equally legendary Hornet from Daytona USA. Gran Turismo’s super-powered Escudo won 57.5 percent (1,209 votes) over the Hornet’s 42.5 percent (894 votes).

Veteran Gran Turismo players will remember the 4WD Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak version from 1999 Gran Turismo 2 on the PSone. Costing two million in in-game credits, the Escudo gained a reputation for blazing fast speed thanks to its then-amazing 981 horsepower. At a paltry 800kg, it had a monstrous power-to-weight ratio and was known for destroying entire fields and winning races easily due to its sheer speed. It reached a maximum of 255 mph (411 kmh).

The Hornet, meanwhile, is the iconic race car from the classic Daytona USA, a title often seen in arcades. A Ford Mustang with a custom livery, the Hornet’s visually striking colors and design were etched in the minds of a generation of racing game fans. But many also pointed out that could literally kick the car, as the Hornet was also included as a secret, unlockable character in the 1996 Sega Saturn fighting game Fighters Megamix.

It also looks like the best video game car ever will return to the Gran Turismo series, as an update has teased the addition to Gran Turismo 7. View this space.

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