Ram Lowballs are way to the top of the most viewed ads list

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Ram Trucks’ “Moments” takes the #1 spot on’s latest list of TV commercials from automakers with the most impressions, but does so with the distinction of having the lowest estimated national ad spend of the top five.

The estimated $1 million national budget for the ad represents just under 7.5% of the combined $13.5 million spent on the five ads on this week’s list. Chevrolet, which spends the most, has dropped an estimated $5.6 million by running its “EVs for Everyone” commercial, landing it third on the list.

The difference between them? airing. Ram bought more than 1,400 broadcasts nationwide with his $1 million focused on the President’s Cup and college football. Chevy, meanwhile, spent most of its budget on NFL games (over $3.7 million) and bought just over 400 national broadcasts.

That turned out to be a trend on the list this week, as every other automaker with significant NFL placements all had fewer than 1,000 broadcasts for the week. This includes GMC’s “Outside In” and Acura’s “Drop The Mic”. Nissan’s only “60 Years in 30 Seconds” followed Ram’s lead and eschewed the NFL, leading to over 1,000 broadcasts.

According to iSpot’s Ace Ruler The survey found that viewers found GMC’s “Outside In” to be the most compelling ad in our top five, with an overall Persuasion score of 6.3% above industry standards. It also received the best Brand Match rating – 91%, referring to the percentage of viewers surveyed who remembered it was a GMC ad after watching it.

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Ram Trucks: Power Days: Moments

Impressions: 184,211,432

Interruption Rate: 3.33%

Attention index: 87

Est. TV spend: $1,041,494

GMC: Outside and Inside

Pressures: 177.640.240

Interruption Rate: 2.89%

Attention index: 98

Est. TV Expenses: $3,533,808

Chevrolet: electric vehicles for everyone

Impressions: 172,716,503

Interruption Rate: 3.22%

Attention index: 106

Est. TV Expenses: $5,643,304

Acura: Drop the Microphone

Impressions: 169,621,671

Interruption Rate: 2.39%

Attention index: 90

Est. TV Expenses: $2,292,388

Nissan: 60 years in 30 seconds

Impressions: 169.382.216

Interruption Rate: 2.44%

Attention index: 86

Est. TV Expenses: $1,188,647

Data provided by iSpot.tvThe new standard for measuring TV ads

TV impressions – Total number of TV ad impressions delivered for the brand or spot.

Interruption Rate – The percentage of devices that were present at the start of your ad, but did not fully view the ad. Actions that interrupt ad playback include changing the channel, pulling up the guide, fast-forwarding, or turning off the TV. The interruption rate is measured on a scale from 0 to 100%.

Attention index – A comparison of your ad’s interruption rate to your specific media placement. The attention index is measured on a scale of 0 to 200, where 100 is the average and means your ad is performing as expected.

Est. National TV releases – Amount spent on TV broadcasts for the brand’s spots.