Ranking of every car driven by Han from worst to best


The Fast And The Furious is one of the greatest movie franchises of all time. The first film started with a small-scale story about a team of street racers and an undercover cop in LA. But over the years, the movies have evolved into something so big that no one saw it coming. Anyway, a new one every time Fast & Furious movie comes, gearheads gather to watch it.

Part of the reason is that these movies played a huge part in many of us becoming gearheads in the first place. Dominic Toretto, Brian O’Conner and their crew have progressed from stealing DVD players on highways and playing undercover cop to going to space on a Pontiac Fiero† One of the teammates, Han, is one of the most popular in the 9-episode long series.

Han Lue (aka Han Soeul-Oh) is an enigmatic and charismatic street racer and a trusted friend and teammate of Dom. He sadly died in the 3rd movie but he became so popular that the executives brought him back for more movies. His favorite cars tend to fall on JDM and European street and supercars, but we also saw him comfortably hold his own in a few Dodge brands.

In the movies we have seen Han drive a total of 9 cars; and a Harley-Davidson XR 1200 X. But since we rank the cars, let’s leave the motorcycle aside for now. These are the cars that Han Drives ranked from worst to best.

9 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Sedan (Fast Five)

The team is in Rio de Janeiro, planning to rob the richest and most corrupt villain in Brazil. To achieve the villain’s fortune, they must make their way through a series of narrow corridors with surveillance video cameras.

Han tries his hand at a makeshift track to train for the twists and turns without getting caught. He wisely picks a WRX STi for the job, but just like everyone else, falls short. The WRX is a cool car, but that’s all we saw in the movie.

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8 2012 Dodge Charger SRT-8 (Furious 6)

This is one of those rare instances where Han drives something that isn’t Japanese or German. But again, the whole scenario wasn’t part of the plan and Han didn’t choose this one, he had to make do with what they had. The team tried to rescue Mia and prevent the villain, Owen Shaw, from getting on a plane.

They had a couple of Chargers with them and Han was driving one. These Chargers carry a harpoon that Tej modified to fit on the flaps of the plane to prevent it from taking off. Again, this is a one-off scene that we don’t hear about later.

7 1967 Chevrolet C-10 (Fast & Furious 4)

This is the first time we see Han alive after his car accident in Tokyo Drift† In this scene, the crew was in the Dominican Republic, stealing oil tankers (for street racing, we presume) and Han was dumping sports cars in front of a 1967 Chevy C-10 with a trailer hitch to attach to the tanker.

It’s not Han’s fastest or flashiest ride, but we see him turning a cool 180-degree handbrake. Handbrake turns are cool, and this one made us happy.

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6 Dodge Charger Police Cruiser (Fast Five)

Finally, we see a car that Han drives more than once. After the failed attempt to clear the training track in the WRX, the team goes to retrieve an invisible car. Turns out the invisible car is meant to hide in plain sight like a police charger.

Han, Dom, Brian and Roman retrieve identical cars from the parking lot and take part in an impromptu drag race. Brian wins the race, but we see Han and Roman back in their cars during the chase to help Dom and Brian. Cool car, cool scene and more important than the previous entries so far.

5 1970 Ford Maverick (Fast Five)

The ’70s Maverick is an odd entry on this list. We can only see Han riding in it for one scene, but that was enough to stay in a lot of our thoughts. Although it was a 1970 model, it had the ‘grab’ hood of a ’71 model to make it look more energetic.

The Maverick is a great muscle car, but we rarely see people mention it in their list of cars Fast & Furious drives. We should note that Han presumably bought it cheaply in Brazil and only left it there after they all got super rich.

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4 2010 BMW M5 E60 (Furious 6)

The E60 M5 is a powerful sports sedan. We think BMW started moving in the right direction producing sedans that bridge the gap between luxury/comfort and performance around the time the E60 came out. Han joins Brian, Roman, Tej and Gisele in identical M5s on the streets of London to get to Interpol’s headquarters.

The M5s appear to be stock, and Hobbs said these cars had bi-turbo V8s that put out 560 horsepower. But those are the same specifications as the successor to the E60, the F10 M5. In real life, however, the filmmakers used 535i models with roll cages, racing seats and harnesses.

3 2020 Toyota Supra (F9: The Fast Saga)

The first trailer of the most recent movie shocked and delighted us as it showed Han’s return to the game. We won’t squabble over ‘How does he live?’ thing, because he drives a Supra, and we’re much more interested in that.

It’s the Supra 2020 in a black-orange color scheme reminiscent of its iconic RX-7 from Tokyo Drift. The new A90 Supra turned out to be the right decision from Toyota, whether you like it coming from a BMW Z4 or not. Plus, now we see Han doing some more drifts, so who cares?

2 2011 Lexus LFA (Fast Five)

What do you do when you just stole $100 million from Brazil’s richest villain and escaped with your crew? Han knew for sure what he had to do: travel through Europe in a Lexus LFA. Before that, all the cars we see Han driving were chosen based on necessity and/or availability.

But the last two are cars he bought when he could have had any car in the world! The LFA is one of them, and while we just saw it as a cameo in the closing moments of fast fiveit’s still too cool not to confirm it as one of Han’s favorite cars.

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1 1997 Mazda RX7 FD3S VeilSide (Tokyo Drift)

This is the movie we first saw Han in and he made a great first impression. He owns several cars in the film, but his personal daily driver is the 1997 black-and-orange Mazda RX7 with a VeilSide body kit. VeilSide originally made the RX7 in black and burgundy, but the manufacturers repainted it and also sprayed the interior in matte black.

The VeilSide ‘Fortune kit’ makes the RX7 about 11 inches wider and 19-inch Andrew EVO-V wheels to complement the width. Once the car is done drifting, it will have a Rotara braking system with new discs and four-piston calipers for extra stopping power, and the suspension is now lower to the ground thanks to APEXI N1 coilovers. Get in the car and you’ll see VeilSide D1 racing seats and a Sparco steering wheel.