Ranking of the 10 best Lamborghinis ever made

Lamborghini Reventon parked outside

Italian supercars are a dream for every gearhead in the world. When you think of them, your thoughts immediately go to Ferrari and Lamborghini, and rightly so. These two brands were the forerunners of Italian prowess, building beautiful supercars with monstrous engines. It was a conflict between Enzo Ferrari and Ferruccio Lamborghini, the respective founders of these brands, that led to the birth of Lamborghinic as a supercar maker. Before that, while Ferrari had built their great machines, Lamborghini was just a tractor builder. All said and done, today Lamborghini is one of the most renowned and exciting car brands in the world, and everyone is looking to see what new concoction they will unveil.

Lamborghini has greatly influenced the automotive world in their relatively short span of 60 years. Ferruccio Lamborghini, once a tractor manufacturer, began developing sports cars and eventually supercars after Enzo Ferrari insulted him himself. This, of course, led to one of the biggest automotive rivalries that still continues today. Over the course of its history, the brand has released some of the most breathtaking and phenomenal car designs that have gone down not only in the history of the brand, but in the entire automotive history. From historic supercars to state-of-the-art, top-performing cars and even the best sports SUV in the world, Lamborghini has done it all. In that vein, here are the 10 best Lamborghinis ever made.

10 Lamborghini Countach

Lamborghini is known for the iconic angular wedge shape of its cars, with extreme aerodynamics that defies conventional standards with the new iteration. A defining moment in Lamborghini’s history, the Countach first came out of Italy in 1974 and was one of the most ridiculous yet impressive designs at the time.

With a V12 engine that put out 375 horsepower, the Countach, while ridiculous to watch, ruled the 1970s, and it was quite the mainstay in the Italian carmaker’s lineup even into the 1990s. The sun finally set on the Lamborghini Countach in 1990, as the Diablo took its place.

9 Lamborghini Diablo

While the Countach was the ultimate supercar of its time, Lamborghini worked on developing and improving its design language and so came the Diablo in 1990. A prime example of how automotive design evolved towards the end of the 1980s, the Diablo was impossibly wedge-shaped and ridiculously angular.

Gearheads today look back fondly on the Diablo because it was the ultimate poster car that graced every teen’s bedroom walls. The Lamborghini Diablo, aptly named after the devil, was also the first Lambo to hit 200 mph, thanks to its 575 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque that the GT variant developed. The Diablo was downright extreme, which is just natural for Lamborghini.​​​​​​​

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8 Lamborghini Murcielago

A hugely theatrical car that attracted attention everywhere, the Lamborghini Murcielago was Lamborghini’s first car of the new millennium and set the trend for the decade of the 2000s, just as the Diablo did for the 1990s.

The Diablo’s design language was replaced by the Murcielago’s clean lines and lack of fussy, smaller details, while retaining the sharp corners that made the car a Lamborghini. By today’s standards, the Murcielago’s 580 horsepower may look stock, but the Murcielago has always had more to do with the absolute frenzy it offered. While there’s no denying that it didn’t live as long as the Aventador, the Murcielago has a cult following of its own, and for good reason.

7 Lamborghini Reventon

The Reventon was one of Lamborghini’s rarest vehicles, and the brand chose to sell these only to their most loyal customers. Only 21 of these were ever produced. Despite not being mass-produced, the Reventon is still one of the most pivotal cars in the brand’s history due to the impact it had on future Lambos.​​​​​​​

A carbon fiber body that ran atop the Murcielago’s chassis, the Lamborghini Reventon in 2007, was clearly the new design the brand would go on, as it had a major influence on the facelifted redesign of two of the most important cars in the brand’s history. , the Gallardo and the Aventador.​​​​​​​

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6 Lamborghini Gallardo

The Lamborghini Gallardo, while a tad more modest than the other entrants on this list, is one of the finest and most important cars to ever leave the factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese. Launched in 2003, the Gallardo was the first car Lamborghini made with input from its Audi chiefs.​​​​​​​

Audi’s involvement in the production of the Gallardo brought an unprecedented level of reliability and premium quality to the Lamborghini brand, which had not been their forte until then. Say what you will about Italian supercars, there aren’t many that are known for being completely reliable and stress-free. What makes the Gallardo so important, however, is that it is the second best-selling Lamborghini ever, making it one of the most successful Lambos. More than 14,000 Gallardo models were sold the ten-year life of the car.​​​​​​​

5 Lamborghini Aventador

Named after a 1993 Spanish fighting bull, the Lamborghini Aventador was first announced at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and immediately got the whole world talking. This would become Lamborghini’s new ‘decade car’ and set the trend for the 2010s. The success of the Aventador can be inferred from the fact that the brand had sold 5,000 Aventador models in 2016, despite the initial plan to limit production to 4,000 units.

The Aventador, also known as the Fighting Bull, was first announced at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, and everyone was dying for it. This is why although production was limited to 4,000 units, it reached the 5,000 unit milestone in 2016. It even reached 7000 in 2017 and is one of the best designed, most timeless Lamborghinis ever made. 2022 is the final year of the Aventador and the car will leave with one last hurrah, boasting its 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine.

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4 Lamborghini Urus

Perhaps no other Lamborghini car shows off the VW group’s impact on the Italian marque than the Urus. There’s no denying that the market trends of recent years are leaning towards big, tough SUVs. So every automaker worth its salt, even those known only for sports or supercars, has developed and produced super SUVs. The market demand for super SUVs is so great that it even prompted Ferrari to finally give in to the pressure and develop their own super SUV.

The Urus is Lamborghini’s first large-scale SUV and comes with a 4.0-litre V8 turbo engine, which it shares with the Bentley Bentayga and other VW Group offerings. Nevertheless, the Urus remains as much a Lamborghini as any other, as the SUV retains the iconic design language and sharp angles that are unmistakably Lamborghini. It also overtook the Gallardo and became the most successful car in the brand’s lineup, selling over 20,000 units in just five years of production.​​​​​​​

3 Lamborghini L 33 Tractor

How could the first Lamborghini vehicle ever made not also be one of the most important? Unbeknownst to the uninitiated, Lamborghini made tractors before entering the world of sports and supercars. The L 33 Tractor, Lamborghini’s first ever tractor, came from the home of Lamborghini Trattori.​​​​​​​

A straight-6 diesel engine with a displacement of 3.5 liters, the L 33 was Ferruccio Lamborghini’s first tractor, but not the last. The company still produces tractors to this day, but is now independent of Lamborghini. Legendary Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari took offense when Ferruccio complained about the clutch in one of his Ferrari cars. Il Commendatore then denounced Ferruccio for being a tractor driver with no sense of driving a sports car, ultimately leading to the creation of the Lamborghini supercars as we know them today.

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2 Lamborghini 350 GT

After Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to leave his tractor production in the past and focus on cars worthy of taking on the prancing horses of Maranello, the Lamborghini 350 GT was the first production car he made. The fruit of his labors after being scorned by Ferrari’s founder, the 350 GT Ferruccio was Lamborghini’s first attempt at a production car, and it was an instant success.

With 120 units produced, the 350 GT had a long, slender body and a front-mounted V12 was used for the 350 GT prototype. Although the car had only 280 horsepower and lacked visual punch and sheer straight-line speed, this was an impressive and historic step in the brand’s history.

1 Lamborghini Miura P400

There is simply no denying that the Lamborghini Miura is the most beautiful, inspiring and pivotal car to ever come out of the Lamborghini house. This is the car that carved the model for every Lamborghini that followed. To this day, the Miura remains one of the most beautiful cars ever, with a design that could put Father Time to shame.

However, what makes the Miura the premier Lamborghini is that it is called the world’s first supercar when it came on the market in 1966. The fastest production car for its time, the Lamborghini Miura changed the automotive industry forever, with an industry-first transverse V12 delivering 430 horsepower.