Ranking of the Best Vehicle Features in Saints Row

Saints Row - Two guys staring at a vehicle

Vehicle skills in Saints Row are available for every vehicle in the game, with some being more common than others. Despite skills being common to any vehicle except airplanes, many are often underused or not used at all as the driving is less intuitive than in previous entries in the series.

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However, there are quite a few skills that come in handy when exploring the map or trying to get from point A to B as quickly as possible. And while most have to do with a vehicle’s movements, some are vehicle-specific and can also handle total absolute destruction. So, from jumping to swinging a ball and chain, some skills are much better than others.


9/9 crab control

The worst possible skill in the game is undoubtedly Crab Steering. In Saints Row (2022), one of the new game mechanics introduced in the series is this thing called swiping sideways; essentially you ram your vehicle into the sides of other vehicles chasing you.

To unlock this ability, you need to sweep aside eight enemy vehicles in buses or vans. And when unlocked, you’ve just been given the new revolutionary ability to change lanes or parallel park more easily.

8/9 Super Air Control

Super Air Control can be described as a skill that you unlock or care about after you’ve already completed everything in the game. To unlock it, you need to perform two backflips in a row by using either down on the joystick or ctrl + s on the keyboard with the vehicle of your choice.

Once unlocked, you’ll understand why it’s not really something you’d ever need in the beginning, other than maybe completing challenges. Because all that happens is your controls spin faster, allowing you to do more backflips or even frontflips.

7/9 air boost

Air Boost is very similar to Super Air Control in that it is something you care about after you complete everything in the game. To unlock this ability, you must perform three 360-degree spins in the air by holding the left stick (A) or right stick (D).

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To use the air boost correctly, you need to go over a ramp and press the action button for your skills. When this happens, you will notice that your vehicle takes off a little faster in the air, allowing for larger ski jumps. Although the main downside to this is that many of the ramps in the game are automatically path-correcting for you.

6/9 Intestinal rod Roar

The Bowel Bar is an unlockable vehicle upon completing the LARPing missions. The vehicle is essentially an SUV with a giant speaker on top, built in the shape of a huge worm. To unlock his unique ability, play the missions with Eli, and it will come by itself at the end of the criminal enterprise.

When using this ability, simply drive the Bowel Bar up to a group of enemies or vehicles and press the action button. After that, you’ll see shockwaves come out of your vehicle and kill the surrounding enemies. The only drawbacks are that the vehicle is slow, charging slow and only close.

5/9 Ball and chain

Vehicles equipped with the ball and chain skill are unfortunately very boring and overrated. It’s not that the skill isn’t cool, because in concept it should be great to swing a ball from the back of your vehicle for absolute destruction. To unlock it, you need to get at least 100 tow trucks from a tow truck.

Ideally, when you use the ball and chain ability, you should be able to destroy anything chasing you. But unfortunately it doesn’t work because the ball is bugged. It also doesn’t work because of the way enemies chase you. In Saints Row (2022), every enemy will come in from the side and try to hit you, rendering the defenses in the back useless.

4/9 Ejector seats

Seats that eject passengers or drivers from their cars are something that has been around in pop culture for years. And in Saints Row it makes a debut with the wingsuit. To unlock this ability, you need to get on top of a car with the ability out of the ejection seats and then take a wingsuit into the air.

It works well and is quite nice if you want to escape quickly, but there is one problem; almost every car that uses this capability is terrible. There’s nothing less fun than driving around in one of the worst cars using a skill that will throw you out of your seat in a wingsuit glide that’s faster than your car.

3/9 To jump

The jumping skill is one of the more valuable skills that cars can be equipped with. Fortunately, it can be found in a variety of good vehicles, meaning you can use this skill quickly wherever you go. To unlock it, however, you need to perform three barrel rolls.

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And what’s not great is that the game doesn’t tell you how to perform this action, especially if the controls aren’t listed anywhere. Go down a ramp, hold ctrl + A, or left on the joystick, and you’ll successfully roll in the air. It provides great maneuverability in traffic and getting away from enemies.

2/9 kneecaps

Let’s say you’re tired of enemies constantly bumping into you and you have to use the sideways mechanics at the expense of your vehicle’s health. In that case, knee cappers is undoubtedly one of the most useful skills. Plus, it’s usually available for some of the better vehicles, making this a must-have.

To unlock it, you have to complete a series of eight near misses that can be done quickly on a highway or a long road. When chased, you can activate spikes on the sides of your vehicle that instantly shred enemies, causing them to explode.

1/9 Infinite boost

Infinite boost, the most helpful vehicle signature, should come as no surprise in a sprawling open world game. It can take a long time to get from point A to point B, especially when each mission is thousands of feet apart.

But to unlock it, all you need to do is use the nitro boost three times until you run out. In fact, some of the fastest vehicles have this ability, making it the best way to get around and avoid any problems.

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