Reddit’s 10 Best Reactions to the Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaks

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Of Grand Theft Auto 5 Less than a year away from its 10-year anniversary, fans are hungry for information about the highly anticipated sequel they can get their hands on. That is why the recent Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaks have caused such a huge backlash online from both those who feel sorry for the developers involved and fans curious about the leaked gameplay.

Reddit’s community had plenty to say in response to confirmation that the leaks were indeed real. From insightful comments to more light-hearted jokes, these are some of Redditor’s best take on the situation.


A heist worthy of the series

The irony of a high-profile heists series at the center of this hack and subsequent leak didn’t get lost on some Redditors. User Tyrosine_Lannister summarized the situation as “Grand Theft Grand Theft Auto”.

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Of course, many also emphasized that the hacker’s actions should not be heroic, especially if outlets such as Forbes have since reported that extortion appears to be the motivation behind the crime as the hacker claims to have obtained the source code for both Grand Theft Auto 5 and the upcoming sequel.

Nobody wants their early drafts to be public

While some fans couldn’t understand why developers would be so upset over a leak that has only brought more publicity for what might be the video game release of the decade if it happens, Redditor cracklin_oats helped explain it by comparing it to the rough early sketches of a famous artist that leaked.

They point out that Rockstar “probably prefers to show off a polished product and not a clunky developer video,” which is the equivalent of ugly “early sketches” being made public. While many were positive about how the game looks in the leaked images, it’s easy to see why this isn’t what the developers wanted the world to see.

Some positive takeaways

While some folks who don’t have much experience seeing early versions of games focused on the raw and unfinished aspects of the leaked footage, some saw enough to rave about. redditor Level21 called the locations shown “absolutely gorgeous” and added that “all the little details” in the leaked dinner scene were “really just next level”.

Fans have always loved spotting little hidden details in Grand Theft Auto games and fans hope Rockstar implements the kind of breathtaking detail that made Red Dead Redemption 2 a success with this sequel. With some notable little things like interaction points with individual banknotes in the leaked images, there’s reason to be optimistic.

Some people are mad about the wrong thing

Unfortunately, while the released footage is clearly early, pre-alpha gameplay and it would be ridiculous to expect it to look anywhere near the quality of a finished game, some took to social media to express dissatisfaction with the game. what they saw in the leaks. That’s why Redditor knight mare25 thinks people are definitely focusing on the wrong thing.

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They say it’s “weird people upset that some NPCs don’t have textures on an early build of the game and not that the hacker is a criminal.” Of course, fans will always be more interested in the gameplay side of the leak, but it’s worth remembering that the public was never meant to see this footage, and it’s only thanks to someone’s criminal actions that they are.

Just glad it’s real

Even GTA 6 was officially confirmed by Rockstar earlier this year, fans are still struggling to believe anything about the game after playing for so long without any evidence that they’re actually working on it. GTA 5 was such an iconic game that fans crave the next installment.

That’s why Redditor simian_ninja echoed a popular sentiment when they responded to the leaks by saying, “I’m just glad to know it actually exists.” With really tangible evidence that the game has been in development for a while, it means fans can finally believe it and look forward to the release date.

Let’s hope Rockstar improves security now

While many focused on the content of the leaks and the effect they could have on the game’s development, some took the time to wonder how exactly this happened in the first place. redditor blasphemy quipped: “If you make $6 billion with GTA5, but don’t invest it in better cybersecurity…”

It’s true that while some Rockstar games have aged badly, GTA 5 has been able to continue the initial success of its record-breaking release for a long time, and the company undoubtedly has a lot of money at its disposal. Others pointed out that even the best cybersecurity can’t always explain human error, meaning that all that budget might not have prevented it.

The other downside of leaks

There have been plenty of games with extremely long development times, but fans hope so Grand Theft Auto 6 won’t end up on that list, although Rockstar has a reputation for taking the time to deliver their titles of the very highest quality. Therefore a redditor reflected a real concern when they jokingly announced that “GTA 6 has now been delayed for another decade.”

While it’s funny, albeit painful, to imagine the game taking so long to blossom, it’s unknown what the full ramifications of the leak will be on Rockstar’s development timeline for the game. Therefore, these leaks could ultimately be bad news for GTA fans.

First impressions matter

As well as those in other industries who might find themselves disappointed that: GTA 6The developers must be feeling right now, there were plenty of game developers on Reddit who could understand exactly what it must feel like for them. redditor lightarc as a game developer added their own understanding of the situation.

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They explain that anyone in the industry would feel upset under the circumstances because “first impressions have a huge impact” in the video game industry. That’s why companies like Rockstar have such strict controls over what material is shown before a game is released, and why this situation has been described as a “nightmare” by reporters like Bloomberg’s. Jason Schreier.

Early gameplay will never look perfect

As if to prove how important that first impression is, some fans have already complained about the quality of the gameplay in the leaks, something that bothered Redditors. One of them was user reaidstar which echoed a popular sentiment by saying they aren’t “sure why people are upset by the quality of the game.”

They even go as far as to say they’re happy it “looks just as good as it does in pre-alpha.” If there are things to be impressed with, even in gameplay that were never meant to be seen outside of the company, then there could be a lot more that will impress fans when the game finally releases .

It’s a long wait for the game

Most people are optimistic about how GTA 6 will be revealed upon release, but when that happens is a source of much more concern to fans. redditor Loring commented, “As a perfectly healthy 42-year-old I just hope I’m still alive when it finally comes out” adding that it “puts my own mortality in perspective.”

While that’s a bit of an exaggeration, it’s true that everyone who played GTA 5 when it first came out, it’s almost a decade older now, meaning it feels like a century already. But again, the only reason it’s a concern is because fans are incredibly excited about the game in the first place.

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