Request valet parking to park your vehicle at bus depots | Mumbai news

Request valet parking to park your vehicle at bus depots |  Mumbai news

MUMBAI: To solve parking problems faced by various commuters in the city on a daily basis, the BrihanMumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) is primarily introducing a vehicle parking application.

The app shows the nearest available parking spaces in the BEST bus depots and also allows citizens to select and reserve parking spaces in advance. The application is expected to be launched at the end of July.

BEST will also offer valet parking assistants who will park the vehicles in the depots and also bring them back.

“People can also pay and reserve parking spaces. Assistance will also be provided to park the vehicles and return them to citizens when they need it,” said Lokesh Chandra, BEST general manager.

Citizens can contact the parking assistants via the mobile application. The assistants are made available and provided by the company that manages and maintains the application.

In the 27 bus depots in the city, BEST allows the parking of two-wheelers, four-wheelers, auto rickshaws, trucks and buses in their depots. The organization charges on the parking spaces up to three, six, 12, 24 hours and also on a monthly basis.

According to BEST, the parking fee for two-wheelers is up to three hours 20 while the quadricycle parking fee is for three hours 30. The rate for parking two-wheelers for a month is 1320, while the cost for quadricycles is 3080 under the Pay and Park scheme of 2019.

Transport experts have welcomed BEST’s decision to introduce valet-type parking assistants and the mobile parking application, but have stated that people should start paying for parking.

“It’s a refreshing change, as a government agency will get valet-type valet parking along with parking spaces. The bus depots are usually empty all day. The initiative will be good, but citizens must now be prepared to pay for parking. People still want free parking spaces,” says transportation expert AV Shenoy.