Russia mocks the West; top officials stand atop UK-made luxury cars on Victory Day parade


Russia, which mocked the West for its support of Ukraine during the escalating war, on Monday let its top officials hop on UK-made luxury cars to cross the path of the Victory Day parade. It is necessary to mention that Russia marked the 77th anniversary of its victory over Nazi Germany and the end of World War II with an elaborate Victory Day parade that marched across Moscow’s Red Square on May 9. The lively parade took place against the background of the all-out Russian war that is steadily gaining momentum in the eastern part of Ukraine.

The body of Aurus – the beautiful armored limousine worth £1.20,000, was unveiled during the parade. The “unapologetic Rolls Royce” – as it is called by Autoweek Magazine – is a prized possession of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The convertible roll is the upgraded version of the car Putin used for the past year, Daily mail reported. The Aurus Cabriolet was driven by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu during rehearsals and during Monday’s event.

Russia’s Victory Day Parade

Nuclear missiles and high-tech weapons marched through the Russian capital on Monday. The event, which is regarded as Russia’s muscle-tightening act, also witnessed a thermonuclear RS-24 ballistic missile, which can carry up to 10 nuclear warheads.

The ballistic missile, which rode between the rows of armed Russian guards atop a 16-wheeled vehicle, remained the cynosure of the parade, Daily mail reported. In all, 150 samples of military equipment passed through Red Square, including Armata tanks, Kurganets infantry vehicles, Boomerang armored vehicles and Koalitsia SV howitzers, the Kremlin said in a statement. About 13,000 soldiers take part in the Victory Day march in thirty-three through Red Square. Smaller parades took place in Vladivostok and Novosibirsk, DW reported.

Putin says soldiers in Ukraine are fighting for Russian security

Putin opened the parade with a massive speech reiterating his war story, saying that Russian soldiers are “fighting” in Ukraine for Russian security. He said the invasion he conducted on Feb. 24 was the “only right decision” and preemptive step to fend off potential threats from the West.

He said: “The West was preparing to invade Russia. NATO created tensions at the borders. They didn’t want to listen to Moscow, they have other plans,” he said. DW quoted the Russian leader. Referring to the separatist-run Donbass region as “Motherland,” Putin added, “the state will do everything it can to take care of these families.”

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