Saints Row Reboot: 10 Best Vehicle Rewards

A Bowelrod and a Diggum are seen side by side from Saints Row

Since the release of the Saints Row reboot on August 23, 2022, fans have started exhausting the various unlockable items, perks, and rewards that the popular open-world game offers. With regard to vehicles in the game, rewards come in the form of upgrades, which can be obtained by completing specific challenges. Once the upgrades are unlocked, players will gain access to their vehicle’s Signature Ability, a unique feature that allows them to defeat the gangsters in Santo Ileso.

Whether jumping, air amplification, ejection, using knee caps or other options, the best vehicle rewards in Saints Row improve performance while providing unforgettable sensations.


To jump

The most basic vehicle reward to unlock in Saints Row is the Jump Signature Ability, which can be done by successfully performing three barrel rolls. The most ideal neighborhood for barrel rolling is East Providencia, near the cemetery, with lots of ramps, bumps, and hills to catch plenty of air.

Once the Signature Ability is unlocked, players have the freedom to jump and skip oncoming traffic and rush hour traffic, which is useful during crowded urban squares and highways. By pressing L1/Mousewheel/LB, players can launch their vehicle into the air and increase the distance between them and their pursuers.

air boost

Successfully completing a trio of 360-degree spins will allow players to unlock the Air Boost Vehicle Reward, a cool Signature Ability that allows cars to soar through the air after a jump. It’s a great tool when challenged to jump over large holes, bodies of water, canyons, etc., or simply to increase the distance between a driver chasing him.

The Air Boost reward uses nitrous boosters to blast vehicles faster and further than a basic Jump feature, which is sure to come in handy when chasing or dodging enemies. To activate the Air Boost ability, simply press L1/Mousewheel/LB while the vehicle is in the air.

Super Air Control

While Crab Steering is a cool reward for changing lanes and parking, most Saints Row fans want to fly through the air with the best of them. As such, Super Air Control is a tough reward that can be unlocked by performing two double back flips of the vehicle. A good area to perform, for example, is the Monte Vista district.

Once activated, players can use the Super Air Control ability to perform more high-flying acrobatics, including frontflips, backflips, and more, while staying in the air for extended periods of time. For those who like daring maneuvering, Super Air Control is the best vehicle reward to unlock in the popular 2022 open world game.


In addition to performative rewards that increase a vehicle’s speed and air power, there are many Saints Row Signature skills include offensive and defensive weapons. A great feature in this regard is the Kneecappers ability, which will rip a rival’s tires to pieces before their vehicle finally bursts into incendiary flames. Who wouldn’t want to roll around Santo Ileso with that skill in tow?

To unlock the Kneecappers ability, players must drive through oncoming traffic and avoid hitting each car and complete the tasks 8 times. Bridges and straights are best for completing the task. Whether you’re on the offensive or defending your territory, being able to destroy an enemy’s tires is a great way to get a leg up on the competition.

ball chain

Another tough weaponized vehicle reward to unlock in Saints Row is the Ball & Chain, which literally attaches a cable to the rear of the vehicle, spawns a wrecking ball and destroys everything in its wake. For those who want to leave a trail of destruction in their path, don’t accept exceptions.

Players can unlock the Ball & Chain Signature ability by performing 100 Towing Payload Smashes, which, while tedious, is well worth the effort. Of the various cars that can be equipped with the Ball & Chain, the Dustrider and Phoenix are the most ideal to combine the reward with.

Infinite boost

The Infinite Boost Ability is definitely best for players looking to reach top speeds and blast their way through Santo Ileso in record time. The reward uses a full nitrous oxide burn to increase acceleration and top speed as long as a player can avoid contact. That is, the longer one goes without hitting anything, the faster they will continue to infinity.

By getting three nitrous burns, players can unlock the Infinite Boost reward, which is best paired with speedsters like the Attrazione, Kenshin, and Vindicator, which come under Saints Rowthe fastest cars. When used optimally, the Infinite Boost gives players the feeling of competing in forza or F1.


One of the newest vehicle rewards players have found in Saints Row is the Flipper, which can be used with the hulking Diggum farm tractor. Fortunately, the Diggum is equipped with the Flipper Signature Ability and does not need to be unlocked. Of course, finding the tractor itself is no small feat.

Those who do their best to find the Diggum in East Providencia will be rewarded with the almighty ability to lift cars into the air and turn them around to deal great damage to enemy vehicle. Since annoying traffic and cumbersome roadblocks often slow players down in Saints Row, the Flipper is the most effective way to clear the path.

Ejector seats

The Ejector Seats Signature Ability is easily one of the coolest vehicle rewards to play with in the popular open world game. Players can not only launch from the seat of their vehicle when danger approaches, but can also glide through the air with the awesome Wingsuit feature, making the most daring thrill seekers feel like Ethan Hunt in a Mission Impossible movie.

The ejection seats can be reached by maneuvering one car to wingsuit, which is best performed in a dense city area with many buildings and roofs to take off from. Best paired with the Raycaster and the Saguaro, the Ejector Seats are among the most viscerally captivating vehicular rewards the anticipated 2022 PlayStation 5 game has to offer.

tank gun

While it can also be used with the opponent and Maximillian, the Tank Gun reward is best used with the powerful MDI-344T military suit. The Signature Ability comes equipped with the hard-to-find vehicles, but like the Diggum’s Flipper, it’s definitely worth looking for. Players can unlock the MDI-344T by completing the 30th main mission, Severance Package.

Formidable as it may sound, the Tank Gun is essentially a high-caliber firearm that can be used to instantly destroy enemy vehicles, including some aircraft. As such, it’s an ideal vehicle reward to use when taking on the Marshall soldiers who have their own military-grade arsenal.

Intestinal rod Roar

The weirdest and most original reward in Saints Row belongs to the Bowelrod Roar, a biological curio in which a giant mutated vibrations-like worm is strapped to the top of a vehicle and screams so loud it can cause severe shock damage to nearby enemies.

The Bowelrod Roar can only be used with the Bowelrod vehicle (one of Saints Rowbest cars), which can be unlocked by completing the main mission of The Road Warrior. The vehicle itself is an SUV with a mattress strapped to the front bumper, which looks even funnier with a monstrous Graboid on the roof. While it may seem like a gimmicky novelty, the Bowelrod Roar is one of the most memorable and effective vehicle rewards players can use in Saints Row.

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