“Sebastian Vettel drives a $5,000 Suzuki Liana” – Four-time world champion drives a ‘reasonably priced’ car around the Top Gear test track

"Sebastian Vettel driving a $5,000 Suzuki Liana"- Four-time World Champion drives 'reasonably priced' car around Top Gear test track

Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel took a Suzuki Liana for a hot lap at the Top Gear test track in Surrey.

Top Gear is a popular British TV show that revolves around motor racing and cars in general. It has had a number of iconic guests over the years, including several famous Formula 1 drivers.

In 2011, it was Sebastian Vettel who visited the show’s own test track in Surrey. However, his visit was not intended to drive a supercar or F1 car around the track. Rather, Vettel would drive a ‘reasonably priced’ car, which was provided to him by the show’s creators.

It was a Suzuki Liana, which is certainly not a race car, and the then reigning world champion had to meet up at some point. The fastest lap time was set by former Ferrari driver Rubens Barrichello. The Brazilian driver had a time of 1:44,300 in the $5,000 car.

Vettel spoke to the show’s iconic character ‘Stig’ on arrival and they immediately took the car for a drive. The first thing he did when he started his first hot round was make music.

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Has Sebastian Vettel broken Rubens Barrichello’s record in Top Gear?

After a lap around the track, a presenter asked Vettel how he felt compared to Silverstone. In response to the question, he admitted that the main difference was his familiarity with the track.

“It’s very wide,” said the German driver. “Of course I know Silverstone quite well. I don’t know this very well, so I have to get used to it. Lots of blind tops, and quite tricky. Especially if you don’t have the power in your car to cover your mistakes.”

Vettel drove a good lap, but the time was not announced on track. The stopwatch controller said the lap time would be kept a secret until Vettel went for the interview with host Jeremy Clarkson.

However, it turned out on the show that Vettel had indeed broken Barrichello’s record. The former Red Bull driver set a time of 1:44,000, making him the fastest ever driver in the show’s ‘reasonably priced car’.

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