SEE | These are the cars SA women search for the most – it turns out locally built cars are the best

Volkswagen Polo Vivo with Black Style Package

Volkswagen Polo Vivo with Black Style Package

When women talk about the qualities they look for in a car, you often hear build quality, safety, usability, design and styling, and reliability.

All variants in AutoTrader’s list of the 10 Most Viewed Women’s Cars exhibit these qualities. And nine of them are cars built in South Africa.

Local is definitely tasty when it comes to the cars women desire.

“Brand reputation and trust are important factors in women’s viewing and decision-making processes, so this speaks volumes about the trust women have in our locally produced cars,” said AutoTrader CEO George Mienie.

Female fans of the Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI put the 2020 hatchback on pole position. Three Polo siblings, including SA’s best-selling passenger car, the VW Polo Vivo, are also among the viewers.

Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux 2020

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Nippy urban commuters are the perfect size for tight parking spaces, yet can accommodate a small family; the popular hatchbacks are also sturdy and comfortable open road cruisers. Affordable, economical and great value for money, it’s no wonder a Polo garnered the most views among women.

Tough double-cab bakkies were also good. Robust, with an elevated ride height and a range of safety systems that offer women extra safety, Toyota’s Hilux has always been the brand’s bestseller. Able to carry a family, handle rough terrain, deliver respectable fuel economy and maintain their resale value, Toyota’s go-anywhere double cab diesel trucks are becoming increasingly popular with local ladies.

BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series

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High mileage seems to be less of a factor with cars with a solid reputation for longevity. So, despite the mileage, there are also two trusted locally built sedans, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3 Series. The ride comfort and level of luxury probably make these two sedans particularly popular with women.

So is performance… even by grannies. Recently, a 79-year-old petrolhead caused a stir on social media when she bought a Volkswagen Golf GTI, the fifth she owned. The hot hatch, the only imported model to make the top ten, is an undisputed favorite among those passionate about performance.

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