Shop window shop with car and driver

Shop window shop with car and driver

It is an art that must be learned. The tender dance of clutch, shifter and human operating a manual transmission. For those of us tasked with teaching this subtle activity, the first challenge is finding the perfect training ground. That is, a vehicle with a manual transmission that is perfect for a beginner to acquire mastery.

That’s the challenge of this week’s Window Shop episode about the little wonder that is YouTube. To be Car and driver somewhat weekly, sometimes not-so-weekly game show where those in the orbit of this media mix gather on a Zoom call and battle it out in utter violence. Blood, guts and all kinds of gore! Or maybe not.

The budget this week to find the perfect manual transmission training ground was $40,000. No actual purchases were made, of course, because that’s the kind of engagement we all avoid. But it’s always (okay, sometimes) uplifting to see what the followers hang on to when they scour the internet.

This week’s participants are John Pearley Huffman, on loan from C/Ds Hearst Autos brother Road & Rail, newly installed executive editor (he got up like most people here do, through murder) KC Colwell, senior editor Joey Capparella, and longtime fugitive of the crushing authority of the public library system of Hardin County, Kentucky, contributor Jonathon Ramsey. Hosting duties are handled by epaulet, owner of martinet and editor-in-chief Tony Quiroga.

What did the group think? Check out that damn thing and find out. These are large Ram trucks, an Acura, a Mazda, a Toyota and a Honda. The show is presented in living color.

And if you don’t know how to drive a manual transmission, learn it now before they’re all gone.

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