Silverstone will highlight ‘big differences’ in 2022 cars

Lando Norris racing. Saudi Arabia March 2022

Heading into fast-paced Silverstone with its long corners, Lando Norris says drivers will notice a “big difference” when it comes to this year’s cars compared to yesteryear.

With the introduction of all-new cars this season, the 2022 models designed around ground-based aerodynamics, Formula 1 had hoped to level the playing field and bring the races closer as this year’s cars deliver a cleaner track.

However, that still seems to be track dependent.

As the first three races of the season set the podium ablaze, Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen race wheel-to-wheel for the lead, albeit with DRS in play, the Dutchman’s recent dominance has left the shine of it season removed.

However, further behind Formula 1’s midfield, it has spawned great racing and norris believes this will be highlighted at Silverstone.

“Silverstone is always just a great weekend itself,” he said according to, “Formula 1 cars around Silverstone are always spectacular.

“I think the racing was better overall this year as well. Maybe not so much on, say, tracks purely with long straights.

“But on tracks where you have these longer corners, like Silverstone, I think that’s where you see the big differences from previous years.

“Hope that will pile up and race better, turn out to be more fun.”

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton agrees.

“Silverstone is still one of the best tracks, if not the best,” said the Mercedes driver, “in the sense that all the medium and high speed corners and the high speed corners are always the most fun to drive,” said Hamilton.

“With these cars we have today, I mean if you look at Barcelona, ​​we bounced in the fast corners, so it might not be spectacular, but I hope we might have sorted it out by then. But we’ll see.

“I think it’s going to be great for all of us. And we can follow a little closer this year as well. So hopefully the race will get better.”

But for Hamilton, there’s always been one but this season, and that’s how his W13 will handle bounce on the track.

The Brit has no idea.

“We are probably better in medium and high speed corners, probably than in low speed corners, but we have bounce,” said Hamilton.

“So I don’t know how it will go through Copse and all those places. That’s where it gets interesting for us. [I’m] really excited to go back to the UK.”

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