SnowRunner: Best Vehicles, Ranked

Four vehicles in SnowRunner driving down a hill

Forgive me the following pun: SnowRunner has tons of substance. Numerous missions, maps and sights make this a transport simulator that you can really sink your tires into. But above all, what keeps SnowRunner captivating after countless hours of play is the wide selection of fully realized vehicles. Even before multiple waves of DLC, the game was packed with both licensed trucks based on real models and original creations conceived by Saber Interactive.

SnowRunner divides these vehicles into five categories based on the situations in which they excel. For example, a Scout is your best option if you want to quickly see the terrain of a route without the risk of getting stuck. Likewise, a Heavy class truck is the way to go if you need to carry a huge amount of cargo.

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While just about every vehicle in SnowRunner has its fans, there are sure to be some standouts among the dozens of trucks you can add to your garage. Pick the right rides for each mission and you’ll be well on your way to virtual truck mastery.


10 The DLC truck perfect for scouting: KHAN 39 Marshall

SnowRunner may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of open world games, but if you spend some time exploring a region in the Khan 39 Marshall, you’ll see that each map is packed with hidden activities and unique landmarks.

With four-wheel drive, a powerful engine and tires that allow you to travel through deep mud with ease, the Khan 39 is one of the best Scout trucks available for traversing Michigan’s snow-free region. Since the Khan 39 is a DLC vehicle, it can be accessed from the start of the game, making it ideal for navigating the dirt roads and muddy terrains of the Black River and Smithville Dam maps.

you will have to buy the High Roller Pack if you want to add the Khan 39 Marshall to your garage.(This pack is also included in the game’s Year One Season Pass.)

9 Master of the highway: GMC MH9500

Of the three Highway trucks in SnowRunner, the GMC MH9500 is the most versatile. Unlike the Ford CLT9000 and International Transtar 4070A, the MH9500 can be upgraded with four-wheel drive and differential lock. Since SnowRunner is nothing but a tribute to rough terrain, having access to these adjustments that help with a little bit of off-road riding is a huge advantage.

That said, on paved roads, the GMC MH9500 is truly second to none. With the fastest top speed in the highway category and low fuel consumption, this truck reliably gets you to your destination – without having to refuel on the way.

You will receive a GMC MH9500 when you: complete the task “First Truck”† Or you can buy one in-game for $26,300

8 Super heavy, super effective: Pacific P16

If you need to haul logs, there’s no better option than the Pacific P16. With always-on differential lock and tires that are perfect for muddy routes, this is one heavy-duty truck you’ll want to add to your garage as soon as it’s available. It’s not a good choice for narrow or icy roads, but give it the space it needs and you’ll be moving small forests in no time.

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A free Pacific P16 is located in the Michigan Drummond Island Map† It requires no repairs if you find it. You can also buy a Pacific P16 for $140,700

7 Early Game Heavy Duty With Lots Of Potential: Fleetstar F2070A

While the Fleetstar F207A is nothing special when you first purchase it, after an upgrade it becomes a capable Heavy Duty truck that can complete most tasks on SnowRunner’s first few maps. It’s also on the more durable side, meaning you’ll have some room for error once you get used to the transport sim’s precise driving mechanics.

You can add this versatile vehicle to your personal fleet after finding and repairing it in the garage parking space inthe Black River map of the Michigan region† Both the four-wheel drive and the adjustments to the raised suspension are in black riverso get after it early in your playthrough to get the most out of the Fleetstar F207A.

6 An adaptable off-roader: Voron Grad

The Voron Grad is all about control. With one of the largest fuel tanks in its class, this is a reliable off-road truck that can also drive on the highway. Even without upgrades, the Grad lets you engage and disengage four-wheel drive and differential lock. This feature allows you to save fuel on the highway without having to go all out in muddy areas.

The Voron Grad will not be available until you reach rank 18so expect to put in a few hours before you can access it.

5 Heavy truck with maximum payload: Western Star 6900 TwinSteer

The Western Star 6900 TwinSteer is a massive vehicle that’s the best choice if you’re trying to carry an equally massive amount of cargo in one go. With a capacity of four load units, no other truck in SnowRunner can carry such a large load without attaching additional equipment.

It is not an easy vehicle to get through tight spots, but if you need to move mountains and have a clear route in mind, this heavy duty truck is the best choice.

You can get a free 6900 TwinSteer by using the “No Land for Old Truck” Task on Island Lake Michigan Map† Alternatively, you can buy it for $118,200

4 Proven Heavy Vehicle: White Western Star 4964

Available early in your SnowRunner playthrough, the White Western Star 4964 is a long-range vehicle that grows with you. While it’s only really suitable for highway travel when you first add it to your garage, spend the time looking for the upgrades, and you’ll have one of the most reliable vehicles in the game. With a hefty fuel tank, a fully modified 4964 can handle mud, snow and everything else.

You will receive the Western Star as a reward if you complete the Mission “Fixer Upper” in Smithville Dam, Michigan† Or you could buy one for $48,800 while you are in the region.

3 The Deep Freeze Juggernaut: Azov 42-20 Antarctica

In the hands of a skilled player, the Azov 42-20 Antarctic is an exceptional vehicle. If you can master its large size and unconventional handling, this heavy truck will reward you with the power to glide through deep mud and water.

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Despite what the name might suggest, the 42-20 Antarctic doesn’t do well on icy roads because it can’t be fitted with chain tires. Basically, it’s phenomenal in muddy regions like Michigan and Taymyr, but a poor choice for Alaska or the snowy DLC regions.

Probably one of the last vehicles to unlock, the 42-20 Antarctic won’t be available until you reach rank 26† It too costs $140,700so don’t try to drive it into a lake.

2 The Scout suitable for any terrain: TUZ 420 “Tatarin”

With a unique design that will make you wish this vehicle was real and the best mud tires in the game, the TUZ 420 “Tatarin” is a Scout designed to steadily navigate even the most treacherous off-road routes. While it cannot be used to tow trailers without the use of a winch, the TUZ 420 more than makes up for this deficiency with its superior performance in mud and snow.

You can obtain a “Tatarin” by completing the “Pacifist” task on the Rift map in Taymyr† Alternatively, the Scout vehicle can be picked up in the Zimnegorsk area — also in Taymyr

1 The off-road truck that won’t let you down: Tayga 6436

Slow and steady wins the race. Now drop the “slow” part and what’s left is the Tayga 6436. With an always engaged differential lock, this is an off-roader that treats muddy terrain like a paved road – especially if you’ve added the TMHS mud tires and lifted the suspension. This off-road truck also has plenty of power to rescue vehicles stuck in the mud, making it good to have in your fleet for when a job gets tricky.

the . complete “SOS” task in the Drowned Lands area of ​​Tamyr unlocks a Tayga 6436. It costs $76,900 if you want to acquire one through more traditional means.

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