Spitzer Automotive boosts sales with warranty

Spitzer Automotive boosts sales with warranty

Spitzer Shield emerged as the group moved towards a used vehicle focus amid the tight inventory of new vehicles. The group launched its own certified pre-owned program, which includes a 7-year warranty, as well as benefits including a 3-day, 300-mile vehicle exchange warranty, free service inspections and a 172-point inspection before a vehicle is put up for sale.

Spitzer reports that used vehicle sales increased 45 percent between 2020 and 2021, compared to a 29 percent increase in new vehicle sales.

The group attributed some of that success to the launch of the CPO program and the new management and marketing emphasis on used vehicle sales. Spitzer declined to disclose sales figures.

“We had to do some soul searching and really familiarize ourselves with the second hand side, and to the credit of my team, they’ve done a great job,” he said. “They’ve been aggressive and taken risks that they normally wouldn’t, and they’ve learned a lot.”

Not having a CPO program can be a deal breaker for many customers, Spitzer said, so offering its own program has helped the group’s salespeople reach more customers.

“I know that when I was selling cars, I loved selling the certified used cars, and my only real complaint was that when I sold at my Kia store, I couldn’t sell CPO Fords or Chevys,” he said. “Now that’s not the case.”