Stray animals get food delivered by mini car in cute videos

Stray Cats

One man’s unique method of delivering food to stray animals has captured hearts on the Internet and earned him an audience of millions.

According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an estimated 70 million cats and dogs are homeless in the United States on any given day. But those looking to help stray cats and dogs should exercise caution, as frightened, sick, or injured animals can act unpredictably.

One man’s unique method of delivering food to stray animals has captured hearts online and earned him an audience of millions. Above, stray cats in Chennai, India.

The Humane Society warns that a stray animal is likely to scratch or bite its rescuer. Sometimes it is impossible to safely contain the cat or dog, in which case the group advises calling a local animal control agency.

However, an anonymous animal lover who goes by @Homelessworlds on TikTok has found a way to feed homeless animals without coming near. Using a miniature remote-controlled car, he delivers a dish of freshly served meals to stray cats and dogs on urban streets.

The Good Samaritan has documented his food delivery in a video series since March, garnering a following of 239,000 TikTok users. His most viewed video a delivery to three cats, one of which suspiciously approached before eating the entire meal, has been viewed 17.9 million times.

In a video as of May 27 with 3.7 million views, the car drove to a cat lurking behind a pillar of a store. The cat, who looked thin and possibly sick with puffy eyes, sniffed for a moment before quickly devouring the entire plate of food.

Viewers were touched by the creative delivery service, comparing them to apps popular with people.

“Awe, the cat was happy his meow came,” said one comment.

“My dude has literally ordered Uber food,” another gushed.

Awe, the cat was glad his meow came.

TikTok commentator

“This is a good idea because some stray cats are afraid of people or are aggressive,” commented another appreciative viewer.

A previous stray dog ​​delivery, shared on March 26, has racked up more than 14 million views. Within seconds, the hungry dog ​​licked the plate clean.

Below, commentators called the TikToker an “angel” and a “great human being.”

“I think we should call you Meals on Wheels gentleman,” commented one of his viewers.

“This must explode,” said another fan.

In the comment section of a May 10 video, the delivery man told viewers that one of his customers had found a home.

“We’ve sheltered a kitten,” he announced.

news week contacted @Homelessworlds for comment.

If you’re able to take in a stray cat, experts have outlined the best ways to catch, feed and adopt stray kittens.

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