Survey: Americans will drive 469 miles to score a new car deal

Mountain Road Trip Through The Vineyard
Mountain Road Trip through the vineyardAmericans are willing to drive an average of eight hours from home to buy a new car. However, there is no average American. Vermont residents will go a little over half that distance for a deal. Alaskans will nearly double it.

That is the conclusion of a new study.

It was not conducted by any well-known academic think tank or consumer advocacy group. It’s the work of Quantrell Subaru in Lexington, Kentucky. But we emphasize it because it is an important point for car buyers.

If we paid you $3,000 to drive to a neighboring town and back, you’d take the deal, right? So why not take that ride to save yourself that money.

Our research shows that car buyers are happiest when they complete the purchase process online as much as possible. Shoppers like to find their financing online. They like to find their car online. They prefer to spend as little time as possible in a car dealership.

Good deals on new cars are hard to find this summer. The average final sale price for a new car is approaching a record high and incentives are scarce.

But with online shopping tools, you can search inventory at dealers across the country. Incentives are often localized to a specific state or region, so you may find a better deal outside of your own region.

The numbers:

Quantrell Subaru surveyed 2,690 car buyers online to find the distance car buyers in each state said they would travel for a better deal.

State Distance in miles
Alabama 426
Alaska 722
Arizona 400
Arkansas 500
California 498
Colorado 470
Connecticut 344
Delaware 556
Florida 442
Georgia 378
Hawaii 679
Idaho 696
Illinois 389
Indiana 500
Iowa 417
Kansas 625
Kentucky 421
Louisiana 435
Maine 438
Maryland 473
Massachusetts 476
Michigan 380
Minnesota 493
Mississippi 534
Missouri 526
Montana 383
Nebraska 388
Nevada 410
New Hampshire 458
New Jersey 441
New Mexico 700
New York 470
North Carolina 439
North Dakota 513
Ohio 450
Oklahoma 477
Oregon 556
Pennsylvania 433
Rhode Island 500
south carolina 431
south dakota 462
Tennessee 457
Texas 520
Utah 446
Vermont 286
Virginia 454
Washington 569
West Virginia 359
Wisconsin 481
Wyoming 625