Sweden’s best (stupidest?) car designs ready to hit the streets

Sweden's best (stupidest?) car designs ready to hit the streets
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to see a toilet chased by a bicycle rolling down the street? Or how about a Wall-E robot that flies by? A rolling sauna? A flying dragon? If so, you need to head to Münchenbryggeriet, Södermalm on August 21st to see all the live action at this year’s craziest non-car race, Red Bulls Lådbils rally.

Check out what car designs you might see flying past the purpose-built obstacle course. Will they manage to cross the finish line or get stuck in a haystack crash somewhere on the course? Nobody knows!

Team Masarna adopts a very traditional Swedish design – the “Dalahäst”

© Wilgot Orr

Get ready for some good “Dala dance”. Solvalla or Münchenbryggeriet, this crew gallops past their competitors in style.

dr. Muggs Hjältar takes the toilet to new heights, or well, speeds…

© Niklas Ring

What happens when three engineers and one mechanic join forces? Well, a rolling toilet it seems… Meet the “Pruttmuggebil” followed by Captain Filling on a bicycle.

Team Träsktroll brings this mythical and somewhat strange vehicle to life

© Team Träsktroll

If you don’t have the knowledge, use courage instead, at least that’s what this squad of optimistic but not very technically advanced farmers from Uppsala will do to impress the crowd and smoke their competitors. And if their car design tells us anything, it’s that there is no shortage of imagination or creativity in this group.


Team “PH1” (aka Rolling Sauna)

A rolling sauna will raise the temperature on race day

© Jesper Hammar

Would it really be a Swedish soapbox race without a sauna? Of course not. This design hails from the deep dark woods of Norrland, where a bunch of speed geek engineers are on a mission to get everything rolling. Even a sauna.

Tiger Queens bring roar to the streets

© Helena Viinikka

A tiger mobile + two tiger queens = lots of entertainment. With a motto of “you only live once, so make sure to maximize your day”, this duo is bound to become iconic on the streets of Södermalm.

Pistvakt on duty to ensure the streets of Stockholm are safe

© Victor Svensson

Ever seen the “Ockelbo 300”? We’ve heard rumors that it’s a one-off, somewhat sketchy, non-motorized racer that has nothing to do with Skidoos and everything to do with Lådbilsrally.

Team A love story that brings Titanic back from the depths of the ocean

© Felix Rudolph

This team is still flying high from their Flügtag days last year and looking to take their creative ships from the sky to the road. But somehow it’s all about the sea? Meet the Titanic-without-the-iceberg machine.

Will this be Thomas the Train’s first (and last) journey?

© Oskar Löfsved

Four sweaty engineers studying road and hydraulic engineering. Surely that sounds like a winning concept? Turns out that’s not the case at all: “We don’t have any experience building roads, much less an idea how to build a soapbox racer…” Will Thomas the train survive the journey? We sure hope so!

Team FeRorri makes the dreams of all children come true with a “real” Rorri

© Vilmer Berglund

From crash-landing to second place at last year’s Red Bull Flügtag, this year they’re keeping things more grounded. But don’t be fooled, this team has their eyes on the top spot and is ready to take to the streets of Stockholm in their home-built Rorri car.

What brings Team Moget to the streets? We can’t wait to find out

© Jakob Norrman

A Peter Pan clan of kids trapped in adult bodies that never take anything too seriously. “We always think about the stupidest thing we can do in a given situation, then we do it, then we laugh and end it all with an ironic ‘Moget!’

It is possible that they too will one day grow up to be responsible adults, but that day is still a long way off, according to them. What do they bring to Lådbillsrally other than bad humor and great vibes? We can’t wait to find out.

Team Mooners goes to the moon

© Henrik Willamo

Don’t be fooled by their name, this has nothing to do with mooning and anything to do with the moon. Spaceship Deluxe? Next big moon landing? We’ll know on August 21.

Mariestadsgänget brings The Flintmobile to life

© Ola Greve

A team ready to play the “Yabba-dabba-doo!” come race day.

Will The Charioteers stay in their charts?

© Ola Jacobsson

Not every day you see a horse and carriage on the street. Especially one powered by wheels rather than hooves. Yet that is exactly what this brother duo is going to try.

Skogshuggarna brings the forests of Värmland to the streets of Stockholm

© Emil Olsson

Can a lumberjack-inspired racer from the forests of Värmland be both entertaining and fast? Especially on a tight course full of obstacles? Well, that’s what Team Skogshuggarna is aiming for.

Dundergubbarna takes cans to the next level

© Fabian Sandberg

A car built purely by Red Bull cans? We can’t wait to see what this Stockholm-based group of daredevils is about to create.

The Pizza Crew is about to challenge your idea of ​​what a pizza is

© Anton Paulsson

With Anton at the wheel, Jonatan reading the map, and Percy in charge of the pit stop tech, this Pizza Slice is about to get really tasty. And fast.

From Flügtag to Lådbilsrally, Team Gävlebock is at your service

© Martin Isaksson

The iconic crew – who is not from Gävle – took to the skies during Red Bull Flügtag 2021. Back and eager to please, the crew is once again ready to embarrass themselves in front of a crowd from Stockholm. Can they beat their record for shortest flight ever at Flügtag with the shortest ride ever over the Lådbilsrally obstacle course?

The best of Oskarshamn takes to the streets in a Super Mario Super Kart

© Melvin Tvingsell

From video games to real life soapbox races – this team from Småland will bring the Super Mario Kart to life. The big question is, will there be smooth banana peels and star power?

WALL-E will melt hearts as you whiz down the obstacle course

© Viktor Helmersson

A heart-melting and nostalgic trip in one. The cute (but deceptively fast) WALL-E will take to the streets of Stockholm thanks to a team of engineers who just can’t let go of their precious childhood memories.

Will the Space Cruiser find new heights or make a heavy crash landing?

© Hugo Möller

A team ready to break the intergalactic speed record. Or at least try the tricky, high-speed Lådbilsrally course.

The Flying Skånsman… or as we say in Swedish “den flygande skåningen”

© Andreas Landgren

What happens when your favorite race you’ve seen over the years finally comes to Sweden? You fill it in, of course. Like this enthusiastic crew of colleagues who can’t wait to make soapbox history.