Tesla Model 3 lands in the top 10 of bestsellers worldwide

Tesla Model 3 is in the Top 10 best selling cars of 2021

June 28, 2022

By Lennon Cihak

Tesla’s Model 3 has secured a spot as the world’s ninth best-selling car for 2021, up 40% from 2020, according to Fiat Group World† The Model 3 had sold 508,000 units in 2021.

According to the data provided by Fiat Group Worldthe Toyota RAV4/Wildlander entered number one, up from number two in 2020. The Ford F-150 pickup reached number seven, down from number six in 2020.

Toyota and Honda have four cars in the top 11, while Nissan, Ford and Tesla have only one spot.

Fiat Group World notes that the Tesla Model 3 continues to climb within the list and is expected to be in the top five by the end of this year.

In addition, the author adds that the Model Y is expected to outsell the Model 3 by the end of 2022, meaning that both the Model 3 and Model Y would both be in the top five places. The Model Y currently ranks 19th on the list, meaning the Model Y had sales of 392,000 in 2021. It rose from 262nd spot, or 412%, as of 2020.

It’s worth noting that the Model Y started deliveries in 2020, which explains the significant jump in 2021. Earlier this year he won US News’ Best Luxury Electric SUV price.

Of the 110 vehicles included, the Model S and Model X did not make it. This is probably due to their higher price tag.

With this data available and Fiat Group WorldIn our view, it’s entirely possible that the Model Y will overtake the Model 3 this year. And as Tesla is constantly adding new features and bringing back “Enhanced Autopilot,” consumers are likely to jump on board.

Tesla brought Enhanced Autopilot back to the US and Canada last week for $6,000 (USD), half of what Full Self-Driving does.

The Model 3 and Model Y may soon have a rear display for entertainment. A tweet from Tesla enthusiast and software developer @greentheonly found that the Model 3s and Model Ys with the new AMD processors have the bandwidth for a second screen, like the newly redesigned Model S and Model Xs have.

Tesla is currently battling restrictions in its global supply chain, and Musk said at Bloomberg’s Qatar Economic Forum that these restrictions are a bigger problem than competition from other competing automakers.

“Our limitations are many. Being able to scale up more in raw materials and productions,” says Musk.

June 27, 2022

By Kevin Armstrong

Elon Musk thinks Tesla should improve its software

Tesla’s software needs work. So says Elon Musk, who was highly critical of the interface, browser and other programs in a video posted to the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley YouTube channel.

“We have a lot of work to do with the basic software in the car,” Musk said. “We definitely need to work on the overall interface in the car.”

It was revolutionary when Tesla started putting large tablets in its vehicles in 2012. The huge touchscreen replaced most of the buttons and switches on the dashboard, giving Tesla yet another way to stand out in the automotive world.

Touch screens are now relatively standard in most vehicles, though, and there may soon be a few automakers doing just as well as Tesla, especially given Apple’s upcoming improvements to CarPlay.

Musk has heard the criticism: “There are many complaints about the interface; you can do better on the interface.”

Musk doesn’t stop with his self-criticism, “our web browser sucks. If you try to use the web browser in the car it takes a long time to load and then it is a trash can. It’s worse than an iPad from five years ago, like many.”

Tesla’s browser is based on Google’s open-source browser, Chromium. While the same engine powers Google Chrome, the browser in a Tesla lacks the speed and efficiency Musk expects.

Tesla has been working on improving the browser. Update 2022.12 came with a newer version of Chromium and introduced elements such as autocomplete, changes to favorites and the ability to clear your browser cache.

However, this interview was dropped nearly three months after that update was first released. Musk is clearly unimpressed with the improvements.

He also says that the rear screens in the Model S and Model X require a lot of work (rear screens may also come with Model 3 and Model Y).

The CEO points out that the rear screen is useful for entertaining people in the back seats, but the fact that the same audio is played throughout the interior isn’t ideal.

“We could, we should have separate audio for the rear. Like, what’s the point? We are currently playing the same audio level for the rear screen as the front.”

The first minivans with DVD players had headphone jacks to provide an experience that would not distract the driver.

“The back should be playing that audio; it should lead to a Bluetooth turned off from the back screen, and then you give them headphones. So that people can listen to music in the front and not be rushed by YouTube kids’ shows up front, which is currently the case.”

It is possible that in a future update Tesla will offer the possibility to stream the audio on the back to Bluetooth headphones.

Musk added that “there are a lot of things like that that we need to fix.”

Musk has not committed to any timeline about making improvements or even whether the changes he proposes will be made. Nevertheless, when a CEO says elements of the product are “suck” and “garbage”, employees responsible for those aspects may want to get to work.


Elon talks about Tesla’s software after 37 minutes below.

June 26, 2022

By Jorge Aguirre

Tesla's Camp Mode lets you power the USB ports and keep the climate going

Let’s say you’re driving your Tesla on a deserted highway and starting to feel sleepy, or you’re on a road trip through a national park and the nearest hotel is too far away… trunk, fold down your backseats and get ready for the night spend in the comfort of your car. The next thing you do is enable Camp Mode.

When your Tesla is in camping mode, it maintains the optimum temperature and airflow in the cabin (which you can adjust to your liking). Your lighting setup is also preserved, and even the music if you want to listen to some chill tunes while relaxing in your car.

Camp also keeps your low voltage output and USB ports powered so you can charge or use your electronic devices.

The touchscreen also remains on, so you can play music, surf the web, play games in the arcade or watch shows in Tesla Theater (requires Premium Connectivity or Wi-Fi).

Sentry Mode and Alarm

While Camp mode is active, Sentry mode and the vehicle alarm system are disabled, as is the auto-lock (so you don’t have to constantly lock and unlock the car as you come and go). Because of this, it may be a good idea to manually lock the car when you go to sleep. You can also re-enable Sentry Mode after Camp Mode is activated, if you wish.

Enable camp mode

To enable camping mode, set your car to park, tap the temperature icon at the bottom of the screen, then tap “Camping.”

You can also enable it with the Tesla app. Tap the Climate section, slide the bottom drawer up and select the Camp option.

Disable camp mode

To disable camping mode, all you need to do is move the vehicle out of Park or disable the mode via your smartphone or by tapping the temperature icon at the bottom of your screen and selecting a different mode.

Some drivers recommend creating a Camp driver profile, which will automatically set your preferences for when you’re ready to crash overnight. Make any necessary changes, such as sliding the seats all the way forward, then select your chosen temperature.

How much power does it consume?

In an eight-hour period, the typical battery consumption of Camp mode is about 10% of the charge. The battery will run out faster if it’s really cold or if the weather is bad, simply because the car has to work harder to maintain your chosen interior temperature.

Even at low temperatures for an eight-hour period, you’re looking at a 15 percent usage rate.

Tesla’s vehicles equipped with heat pumps such as the Tesla Model Y or the 2021 Model 3 should be slightly more efficient in Camp mode.

Camp mode’s power consumption isn’t an exact science, though, and will vary widely depending on many factors, such as outside temperature and cabin settings – don’t risk draining your battery.

If you’re staying at an RV park, it’s good to remember that many of them offer an option to charge your electric vehicle, which would be the ideal state to use Camp Mode in.

What happens if the battery gets too low?

You cannot use Camp mode if the battery percentage is less than 15%, to avoid draining the battery and allowing you to reach the nearest charging station.

Which models have camping mode?

All current and past Tesla vehicles have Camp mode by default. It is also not required to access Tesla’s Premium Connectivity to receive Camp Mode notifications or enable it from your smartphone.

Be sure to check out our in-depth look at Dog Mode if you haven’t already.