Tesla Model Y has the best resale value of all BEVs in China

Tesla Model Y has the best resale value out of all BEVs in China

The Tesla Model Y has the best trade-in value of any other battery-powered electric vehicle in China according to data from the Association of car dealers in China. The Model Y is the best-selling SUV in China and has a one-year value retention of 88.76% among battery electric vehicles in the country, according to a list released by CADA in September.

In August, Tesla Model Y total sales were 31,112 units, up 168.76% from the 11,576 units sold in August 2021. CnEVPost reported. In July, Tesla Model Y total sales were 7,640 units. In September, the China Passenger Car Association ranked the Model Y as the best-selling of all premium SUVs in China, starting at over 300,000 yuan or $43,360.

Between January and August 2022, the Tesla Model Y sold a total of 172,418 units in China, nearly triple the sales of the Model 3.

Considering that Elon Musk has said that the Chinese auto companies are the most competitive in the world, this says a lot about the American company. One of the things Elon Musk pointed out that the competitors were good was software that he said would most shape the future of the auto industry.

Recently, Tesla China has started offering a new subsidy program that requires its own insurance program, a strategy that could help Tesla maintain its dominance in China. Tesla offers customers who deliver between September 16 and September 30 a subsidy of 8,000 yuan or about $1,140 if they buy insurance from Tesla’s store.

The new subsidy followed Tesla’s reduction in delivery times in China to 1-4 weeks from the previous 4-8 weeks.

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Tesla Model Y has the best resale value of all BEVs in China


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