The 10 Best Used Compact Cars Available Under $15,000 According to Kelley Blue Book

a red 2016 toyota corolla, the number one option for drivers looking to spend less than $15,000

Compact cars are by far the most popular models available to all shoppers. These models are top choices due to excellent driving dynamics, balanced dimensions and selection of premium technologies. If you’re looking for an excellent used compact car that can keep your budget in the best shape possible, here are 10 models to consider that cost less than $15,000!

10. A Chevrolet Cruze is a spacious and efficient small sedan

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The Chevrolet Cruze was a top choice for many years. This compact sedan is a comfortable cruiser with supportive seats and plenty of space. Thanks to the spacious interior, this compact sedan has built up a large following. The Chevrolet Cruze can be the choice for more buyers when you add the efficient engine and numerous driver assistance technologies, such as collision warning and blind spot monitoring.