The 2022 Jaguar F-Type R Convertible has one of the best sounding V8s

Mike and Brian drive the Jaguar F-Type R convertible with the top down

With 575 horsepower from its supercharged V8, Bros FOURR Speed ​​enjoys top-down excitement from the brand’s most expensive offering.

Brothers Mike and Brian get time behind the wheel with a 2022 Jaguar F-Type R convertible with four-wheel drive and share the experience on their Bros Fourr Speed ​​YouTube Channel† The exhaust sound of the car, especially with the convertible top down, is a feast for the enthusiast. Jaguar enthusiasts will also appreciate how the legendary brand remains relevant in a small car market segment.

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A men’s sports car

The F-Type R eschews the rawness of something like a Nissan GT-R in favor of a more refined approach. It is a vehicle best suited as a grand tourer and that is how the two sum up this Jaguar. It is further described as “a muscular, beefy car”, but one that is luxurious at the same time.

It also praises the supercharged engine, “that screams V8” and it’s “a blast” are just some of the comments. The term “nasty” even comes up, which is probably the first time that word has ever been used to properly describe a Jaguar.

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Mixed qualities for the interior

The duo expresses appreciation for the very British character of the interior. The leather-trimmed seats and attention to detail evoke Jaguar’s way of luxury. There are also good words for the convertible top. In the top position it isolates the grunt from the engine. While the open top allows the robust exhaust sounds to permeate the cabin.

Criticism is mild, yet remarkable. There is little storage space in the interior, especially for sunglasses. The designs of the paddle shifters and climate control also leave room for improvement. The same applies to an infotainment system that is due for renewal.

About the Jaguar F-Type R Convertible

The F-Type starts at about $75,000, but the test Jaguar in the video far outperforms the base model. It’s a mostly loaded F-Type R convertible with AWD that costs stickers for about $120,000. Tick ​​a few more boxes and the car will add another $6,000 in extras. While the Jaguar is compared to the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Roadster, the German rival’s $130,000 price starts where the F-Type R ends.

The four-wheel drive F-Type R can reach a top speed of 286 mph and complete a 0-60 mph sprint in 3.5 seconds, according to the automaker. Under the hood is a 575 hp 5.0-liter V8 engine with supercharger.

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