The 2022 Lexus ES300h F Sport is one of the best-priced mid-size sedans

2022 Lexus ES300h F Sport Front

At some point, car enthusiasts grow up and have families. This usually forces them to let go of the two-door sports cars with the stiff suspension and look for a comfortable sedan. However, a part of all car enthusiasts will always look for the sharp lines and performance touch when choosing their vehicles. Lexus have been able to produce cars that are reliable and luxurious, without missing the performance aspect – the Lexus IS 500 is a great example of their commitment to performance. However, when it comes to mature vehicles, the ES makes the most sense. It’s roomy, luxurious, but doesn’t lose the performance spirit like its bigger sister in the LS. With numerous variants, we wanted to see if the very first Lexus ES300h F Sport from 2022 can find the perfect balance, or if it is only good at luxury.

Most important features:

  • High Power Electric Motor
  • F Sport trim level
  • Decent starting suggested retail price

  • Fashion model: ES300h F Sport
  • Engine/Engine: .5 Liter I4 + Powerful Permanent Magnet Electric Drive Motor
  • horsepower: 215 @5700 RPM
  • Couple: 163 lb-ft @ 3,600 RPM
  • Drive: FWD
  • Transfer: E-CVT

  • Good acceleration off the line
  • Extremely comfortable interior
  • smooth suspension
  • Great handling for mid-sized sedan
  • Great fuel economy
  • Great exterior styling
  • F Sport Styling all around

  • Poor braking performance
  • Outdated cabin

2022 Lexus ES300h F Sport Specifications

The 2022 Lexus ES300h F Sport features a 2.5-litre four-cylinder in-line engine. The engine comes with twin cam, four valves per cylinder with continuously variable valve timing technology. In addition to the combustion engine, the ES300h comes with a powerful permanent magnet electric drive motor. The combination allows the 3,730-pound sedan to hit 44 mpg in combined city and highway driving. The engine works in tandem with an ultra-smooth electronic continuously variable transmission to send power to the front wheels. The 2022 Lexus ES300h F Sport delivers 215 horsepower. The power allows the luxury mid-sized sedan to reach 100 km/h from a standstill in 8.1 seconds, with a top speed of 112 km/h. On paper, the Lexus ES300h F Sport may seem disappointing, but we can assure you that it is very different on the road.

2022 Lexus ES300h F Sport Exterior Design

While the F Sport typically adds more aggressive imagery to Lexus models, the ES retains its luxury with a slight push in a more athletic atmosphere. The tall silhouette of the 2022 Lexus ES300h F Sport screams a luxury sedan, while sharp headlights, oversized grille and pointed hood make an aggressive statement of its own. The ES sits on four 19-inch wheels, wrapped in 235/40R19 Michelin Primacy MXM4 all-season tires. The taillights move towards the rear of the vehicle adding a huge stylish feel, while a small spoiler on the deck gives a sportier look. In general, the exterior is a combination of luxury, class and sportiness. Ultimately, the ES300h F Sport always leans toward comfort over performance.

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2022 Lexus ES300h F Sport interior

There’s nothing like getting into a Lexus and feeling the plush seats. I’ve always compared Lexus chairs to living room furniture in terms of cushioning and comfort. They may not hold you as aggressively as rougher seats, but no one really needs to hold an ES. The cabin of the ES300h F Sport is smooth, comfortable and feels like a nice second home to have, with tons of upgrades† The gigantic 12.3-inch touchscreen sits in the right place with easy access (4-inches closer to the driver) and feels more driver-oriented when facing the driver. While you can swipe it out with your fingers to access what’s inside, you can also use Lexus’ touchpad. We don’t believe anyone supports or likes the touchpad, and it might be time to get rid of it all.

The interior of our lone car came in black and white. The white gets dirty very easily, but it gives the cabin a pretty roomy feel. Considering how easy it is to clean, we would definitely recommend it. While the cabin feels refined, it continues to feel outdated. Lexus does everything right, but they are often stuck in time as German competitors continue to evolve. With that in mind, the ES300h F Sport’s cabin is confident and may not think to change. It won’t leave you needing more, but it won’t surprise you either.

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2022 Lexus ES300h F Sport First Drive

The luxurious feel of the design and cabin translates perfectly behind the wheel of the ES300h F Sport. The ride is extremely smooth, with a suspension that is perfectly capable of absorbing most road bumps. On paper, the 2022 Lexus ES300h may seem sluggish, but thanks to the help of the electric motor, it gets off the track pretty quickly. It won’t melt your face, but it won’t frustrate you either. It’s safe to say that the ES300h is not a performance car, but an athletic mid-sized luxury sedan.

For such a large sedan, the ES300h is surprisingly agile. The steering feels well-balanced, which works extremely well with the smooth acceleration of the 4-cylinder hybrid and electronic CVT. Despite its weight, there is minimal body roll when cornering. However, if you start pushing it harder, you will get some flex here and there. Braking feels adequate. The braking system stops the car as intended, but lacks that aggressive bite. Another reminder that this is a luxury sedan, so don’t mistake it for a performance vehicle. If you’re looking for more performance, consider the Lexus IS.

Smooth and comfortable is where the 2022 Lexus ES300h F Sport lives. While our test drive of the 2022 RX 450h showed a noticeable rough transition between the electric motor and the combustion engine, the ES300h does it seamlessly. The suspension offers great balance. It completely absorbs everything on the road, but it improves handling compared to previous ES models. The best thing about the 2022 ES300h is that you drive such a large sedan while hitting 40 mpg. Overall, the Lexus ES300h F Sport is as comfortable as it gets. The front and rear seats have a lot of space and more comfort than the German competitors. It is a real pleasure to drive as a daily driver. It does everything so smoothly and seamlessly, while getting amazing fuel economy for this size.

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It comes down to

Competition is tough when you consider the Lexus ES300h F Sport and the mid-size sedan segment. We believe the Lexus does many things better than its German competitors, starting with its reputation for reliability, comfort and safety. However, it feels like the 2022 ES is stuck in another time. We love the analog clock and the classic touches, but it may be time to evolve, especially on the inside. The German competition has gotten smoother and tighter with their interior design, but Lexus feels the same. While it’s not a bad design to begin with, it feels like a downgrade from some competitors.

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The interior feels outdated, but the exterior is timeless. It’s slick, it’s hip and it’s aggressive-luxury. We would pit the ES300h F Sport against any competitor knowing it will steal the show. At a suggested retail price of $46,525, the ES300h . brings many functions on the table† This is a car that gives you state-of-the-art safety features, while making you feel as comfortable as you can ever imagine – all while hitting 40 mpg. If you’re looking for a great mid-sized luxury sedan, the 2022 ES300h F Sport won’t disappoint.

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