The 2022 Toyota Prius is US News’ Best Hybrid Car for 2022

A black 2022 Toyota Prius, the best hybrid car for 2022

The Toyota Prius has been an icon in the hybrid-electric world for nearly two decades, and while it’s not the flashiest, fastest or most powerful hybrid on the market, it still has a lot going for it. This hatchback has been an award-winning hybrid since it first hit the market in 2000. Affordable price, impressive driving range and family-friendly dimensions make the Prius the best hybrid car for sale in 2022.

Prius affordability and reliability

Starting prices for 2022 Prius models range from $24,625 for the cheapest equipment and $32,820 for a fully loaded Prius. These prices make the Prius one of the most affordable new hybrids for 2022 and one of the best hybrid options for budget buyers, new drivers or families. Check out the full Prius prices and specs here.