The 5 best apps to find your parked car

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Finding your vehicle after a long and stressful day can be a chore, especially if it’s parked in a sea of ​​other cars. Fortunately, there are several apps that can guide you to your ride painlessly. The following is a compilation of the best apps for locating your parked vehicle.

1. Parked car finder

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense option that actually works, look no further than Parked Car Locator. This app has great reviews on Google Play, and for good reason.

Parked Car Locator doesn’t try to overwhelm you with a million things it’s only half good at. It helps you find your parked car in time and excel in this mission. The interface is extremely user-friendly and the function to pin the location of your parked vehicle is clearly indicated. The app scores a win in terms of ease of use for its intended purpose.

Anyone can download Parked Car Locator, lock their car easily and locate it without any hassle. Directions to your car are handled through seamless integration with Google Maps, which is all the better because Google’s location services are second to none.

to download: Parked car finder for android (Free)

2. Parkify

Parkify is also extremely user-friendly, although it does its job in a slightly different way than Parked Car Locator. Parkify works without you actually manually recording the location of your car. The app also integrates with Google Maps, which is handy. Parkify adds an extra layer of complexity compared to Parked Car Locator as it allows you to sync the app with your vehicle’s Bluetooth device and then use this method to find your parked vehicle.


The good news is that even if your vehicle doesn’t have a Bluetooth connection, you can still connect to Parkify and set your car’s location. The method the app uses to store your vehicle is very user-friendly and easy to use, and you can even name and color your vehicle. The app is responsive and the various menus are easy to navigate, making Parkify a solid choice if you have an Android phone.

to download: Parkify for android (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Google Maps

While you’ve certainly heard a lot about it, Google Maps is packed with great, lesser-known features. One of those features is a parking location saver for your car. Once you’ve saved your vehicle and followed the directions Google Maps gives you, everything will go smoothly.

However, a small minus compared to Google Maps is that saving the location of your car is not so easy. It’s actually a bit cumbersome to find how to save your vehicle’s location.

To save your parking space in Google Maps, all you have to do is click on the blue dot that indicates your location. Once you’ve done this, a menu will appear with the option to save this location as your vehicle’s parking spot. Frankly, this could have been worked out a little better. The app doesn’t give any indication that it actually comes with this functionality, so it’s unlikely you’ve ever noticed this feature.

Either way, once you’ve set up Google Maps to store your vehicle, it’s a breeze to get directions to it. It’s no surprise that the navigational aspect of the experience is top-notch, as Google has polished the directional aspect of its app to near perfection over the years.

to download: Google Maps for androidiOS (Free)

4. Find your car with AR

Find Your Car with AR is a fun iPhone app that’s also surprisingly easy to use. Find Your Car with AR tries to shake up the process of finding your car by adding some AR goodness to the mix. The AR is mostly a gimmick, but the overall experience of the app is nice and easy.

Once downloaded, save the location of your vehicle and find it in no time thanks to Find Your Car with AR’s user-friendly interface. When you first open the app, it actually yells at you to save your vehicle’s location with a button labeled: I PARKED HERE! This is great, especially since many other similar apps don’t make it clear how to save your vehicle’s location, which is astonishing considering the whole point of these apps.

Another great feature is a little reminder that lets you know when you’re near your parked car. This is a small detail, but it is very useful. Other apps on this list won’t let you know you’re next to your parked car unless you bother to ask for directions, which is a waste of time if you’re literally next to the vehicle.

to download: Find your car with AR for iOS (Free, premium version available)

5. Apple Cards

Apple Maps is an excellent navigation tool packed with tons of cool features, so it’s really no surprise that Apple has given its navigation app the ability to save a vehicle’s parking location. Like Google’s approach, Apple has made this feature available very discreetly – if you search for it. It’s a bit of a shame that Apple has chosen to bury this feature, as Apple Maps provides excellent, easy-to-follow directions for getting back to your parked car.

One really cool feature that Apple Maps offers is the ability to save a photo of your parked car along with its location. The above can be especially useful in busy parking lots. Needless to say, once you’ve saved your vehicle’s location, you can easily navigate the app and find your way back to your car.

Apple has clearly thrown the power of its resources behind its internal navigation app, so many of the quirks and drawbacks you’d expect from independent apps simply aren’t there. Apple Maps is a sleek powerhouse that performs well. One minor complaint should be that, as with Google Maps, the feature is buried as an afterthought.

Meanwhile, if you’re an Apple Maps fan, you should be using Apple CarPlay to get more out of your drive.

to download: Apple cards for iOS (Free)

Forgetting where you parked your car is a thing of the past

If you download any of the apps on this list, you’ll never forget the location of your parked car. Each of these apps is a solid choice for safely guiding you back to your car, with a few more features here and there than the others.

Whichever you choose isn’t that important as they all work great, but downloading at least one of them is an absolute must-have for your digital toolbox.

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